Greater Noida Authority to install 54 thousand street lights
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Greater Noida Authority to install 54 thousand street lights

About 21,000 street lights have been installed in the first phase.

Greater Noida Authority to install 54 thousand street lights

Greater Noida: Greater Noida Authority has announced to install 54 thousand LED street lights in all the villages and sectors of Greater Noida within a year to increase the illumination and safety on the roads. In place of Sodium lights, LEDs will be installed in Greater Noida.

On February 20, 2021, Amandeep Duli, ACEO of Greater Noida Authority held a meeting with the officials of the Electrical Engineering Cell of the Authority and representatives of electrical appliances company Surya. In the meeting, representatives shared that so far about 21,000 street lights have been installed in the first phase.

Sectors, where street lights have been started, include Sectors Alpha One, Alpha Two, Beta One, Beta Two, Gamma One, Gamma Two, Delta One, Delta Two, Delta Three, Gamma One, Gamma Two, Sigma One, Two, Three and Four, Sector 32, 36 and 37, Omicron One, Two and Three, Swarn Nagri, Mu One, Jew One and Jew Two.

Similarly, the villages where street lights have been installed are Luksar, Khanpur, Gulistanpur, Imliaka, Begumpur, Lakhnawali, Surajpur, Nawada, Milkalchhi, Niyana, Tughlapur, Navoli, Sakipur, Barasat, Hateva, Chachula, Sadopur, Badalpur, Sirsa, Dada, Jaitpur, Chugalpur Khadar, Jaitpur, Khodna Khurd.

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As per Authority, more street lights will be installed in these villages and sectors. The ACEO has given instructions to install all 54 thousand street lights in Greater Noida on time. Narendra Bhushan, CEO, Greater Noida Authority says, “One year has been given to replace all the street lights of Greater Noida, but efforts are being made to install street lights everywhere in a short time. Surya Company has been given the responsibility of installing LED street lights in Greater Noida in September last year.”

With the installation of LED lights, the Authority claims that the illumination on the roads will not only be better, but it will also become convenient for the people. DGM of the Authority Salil Yadav says, “LED street lights are being installed on the automation system. A control room will soon be set up to extinguish the street lights in the morning and evening. The street lights will be linked to the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the Greater Noida Authority so that the information about non-lighting of street lights reaches the Greater Noida Authority immediately.” Therefore, through this system, the company will get it repaired as soon as the information is received. The authority has also fixed the time limit to repair the lights soon. There is also a provision of penalty if there is any delay in repairing.

In this way, the residents of the city will also get better service. Along with this, the consumption of energy will also be saved due to the installation of LED street lights. Salil Yadav adds, “The roads of Greater Noida will be illuminated with only half of the electricity than before. Electricity bill of about 30 crores comes in a year, it is estimated to be around Rs 15 crore only.”

CitySpidey also talked to a few residents on the status of street lighting in Greater Noida.

Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President NEFOWA says, “In the first phase, LED lights are being installed in the villages of Greater Noida and sectors of Greater Noida East. Greater Noida West has LEDs lights but only on main roads. However, the service roads are still dark. Now Greater Noida Authority has replaced the sodium lights. However, in Greater Noida, there are some places where the lights are not being replaced by the authorities.”

Vikas Katiyar (38), a resident of Spring Meadows says, “In January, my car was hit by a truck in the Nirala Estate service lane. The lane was totally dark and there were no street light poles in that lane. The Authorities should release the tender for the installation of poles, which is much needed.”

Ranjana Bharadwaj (41) says, “Installing lights is the most important point in Greater Noida West in terms of women safety also. So many snatching incidents have taken place this year. Halide street lights should be installed on roundabouts. A few days back, I went to Panchsheel Hynish society and I saw that there are very few street lights in that area."