World Wildlife Day: Catch a glimpse of birds in Delhi
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World Wildlife Day: Catch a glimpse of birds in Delhi

CitySpidey explored waterbody at Sector 23 in Dwarka and caught sight of many birds

World Wildlife Day: Catch a glimpse of birds in Delhi

New Delhi: On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, CitySpidey visited a waterbody at Sector 23 in Dwarka and caught glimpses of birds varying from domesticated to migrated.

World Wildlife Day is observed to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's wild animals and plants. Catch sight of these beautiful feathered creatures and read a bit more about them:

Bee Eater (Merops Orientalis)

Green bee-eater

Bee eater is a small-sized bird with distinct features such as crimson eyes, a black band that goes around her neck just below her blue chin. There is a black stripe that goes through her ruby eyes, meeting its long, slim beak. Bee eaters often have two narrow, long black tails that are found in mature birds.

White-Throated Kingfisher (Halcyon Smyrnensis)

White-throated kingfisher

This is a medium-sized tree bird that is widely distributed in Asia. It is also popularly known as white-breasted Kingfisher as its neck and breast are covered with a snow-white patch. Its thick orange beak and electric-blue wings are two distinct features that'll catch your eyes at first glance. It is a very shy but observant bird.

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Sandpiper (Scolopacidae)


Sandpipers have moderately long bills and legs, with slender wings and a fairly short tail. The colour of their wings often varies between patterns of dead grass or brown patches. Its belly is often covered with a white or creamy patch of feathers. Sandpipers are shorebirds with black-beady eyes, and a white-creamy stripe running through them.

Drongo (Dicruridae)


Drongo is a medium-sized, pitch-black bird with blue highlights and a forked tail. These are short-legged birds that are often found in Africa and southern parts of Asia.

Domestic Goose

Domestic Goose

Domestic Geese have long necks and huge bodies. They have bright orange palmates (feet) and beak which are a huge contrast to their pure-white bodies. These are grey geese that are domesticated for their meat, eggs, and down feathers since ancient times.

Common Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus Collybita)

Common Chiffchaff

It's a tiny migratory bird, with a soft-brown body and thin, tiny legs. Very difficult to catch on a lens!