NEFOWA honours distinguished women of GreNo West on International Women's Day
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NEFOWA honours distinguished women of GreNo West on International Women's Day

The event was organised to celebrate and recognize the contribution of unsung heroines to society

NEFOWA honours distinguished women of GreNo West on International Women's Day

GreNo West: On the occasion of International Women's Day, NEFOWA Women's team honoured women of Greater Noida West by giving a citation to those who have achieved a special place in the society with their dedication and hard work. The event was organised to celebrate and recognize the contribution of unsung heroines in society who have not only been successful individually but worked towards the upliftment of the underprivileged. These included women entrepreneurs and social activists.

Women of GreNo West celebrate Women's Day

Apart from this, women from many societies of Greater Noida West actively participated in the program organized by Nefowa. Fun games such as Tambola were also organized for the audience.

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Dr Anuradha, a renowned doctor from Greater Noida West, was the chief guest at the event. She was involved in public service during the covid period and helped a lot in arranging beds and medicines for patients.

ubhra Singh, CEO, Khemka Foundation, NGO who hosted the event, says, "No matter how much they claim that the world is free of gender discrimination, there are certain barriers that stop the development of women. Not only women, but men too are victims of patriarchy. Society can progress only when men and women work together."

Renu Bhatia, a social entrepreneur, who educates underprivileged poor children and works towards the development of women was a special guest at the event and among the organizers of the event. She says, "It was a tough task to select a few entrepreneurs when you are surrounded with abundant talent. In 10 days, we selected active women on Noida. Such events will help create a progressive and inspire all to pursue their passions."

Dr Renu Bhatia receiving flowers

Bharti Jaiswal, a resident of Arihant Ardent, and a member of her society AOA was awarded for working towards the cause of development of ladies from underprivileged backgrounds. She says, “First of all we made a ladies club in our society. Through this, we have been helping women from underprivileged backgrounds by making them self-aware and taking care of some of their needs."

Bharti Jaiswal

Nikki, a resident of Valencia Homes housing society, works to provide free education to needy children, as well as make people aware of environmental issues. "People are still not aware of issues like gender equality. Empowered women should come forward and work on this subject" says she.

Neha Sharma, a national-level boxer was also recognized at the event. The audience interacted with her and were happy to see women performing well in sports.

Richa Srivastava, owner of a pickle business was awarded for her successful venture. She says, “I am thankful to NEFOWA for recognizing my work."

Divine Yoga Group's Manisha, Krishna and Preeti who give free yoga training to people in highrise societies and make them aware of the need to take care of their health were also recognized. Manisha who provides free yoga classes in Samriddhi Grand Avenue says, “We all wake up at 5 am, and we do our yoga session as the 1st thing in the morning. Anyone can join us, it is free of cost.”

Abhiruchi, SWAG team says, “We are 17 members who are working towards fitness. This is our way of empowering women.”

Sulbha, a home baker says, “I left my job to start my business. Family is the biggest asset and when a self-run business can give you the best of both worlds, it is a risk worth taking."

Abhishek Kumar, President, NEFOWA says, “Women are the symbol of the progress of the society. A society progresses only its women are empowered and self-reliant. We are working towards the development of women and will leave no stone unturned to achieve this."

Shweta Bharti, Nefowa

Shweta Bharti, General Secretary, Nefowa says, “Nefowa Women's team is continuously working for the safety, health, and self-reliance of women and will continue to do so. There are many women from downtrodden families who need our help in a socioeconomic way. We are working towards being their guiding light."