Women's Day 2022: Noida Authority organizes 'Pink Marathon'
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Women's Day 2022: Noida Authority organizes 'Pink Marathon'

The event was divided into 5 categories according to the age group of women athletes

Women's Day 2022: Noida Authority organizes 'Pink Marathon'

On the occasion of International Women’s day, Noida Authority organised a Swachhta Pink Marathon on March 8, 2022. The event started at 6.30 in the morning at the Football ground, Noida Stadium, Sector 25-A.

It was a 2 km long run organised by the Noida Authority for the second time. The event was divided into 5 categories according to the age group of women athletes- Group 1 (Age: 18-30 years), Group 2 (Age: 31-40 years), Group 3 (Age 41-50 years), Group 4 (Age 50-60 years), Group 5 (Age 60+ years). For every category, the prize value was the same; 1st prize -15,000 rupees, 2nd prize - 11,000 rupees, 3rd prize - 5,100 rupees.

Noida Authority officials welcomed all participants with Pink t-shirts and caps. At about 7:20 am, the marathon for group 1 (Age: 18-30 years) started. After the interval of 10 min, the marathon for subsequent groups also started respectively.

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For the first category (18-20 years), Ekta was the winner, Somya stood second and Preeti secured the third position. For group 2 (31-40 years), the first prize was won by Shahgupta Gahlot, the second prize was won by Babita Kumari and the third prize was won by Gunita. The winners for Group 3 (Age 41-50 years) were Rekha Rawat, Pinki Kumari and Parna De respectively.

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Credit: Supplied
Credit: Supplied

For the categories for older women, Group 4 (Age 50-60 years), Anjum Kapoor won first prize, Leah. H won second and Meenu Mittal won third prize. In Group 5, (Age 60+ years) Sudha Gupta won first prize, Sunita Patoria won second and Josephine won third prize.

Moreover, Ritu Maheshwari facilitated the women guards and the workers in the Noida stadium with the logo of HCL Foundation, Guided Fortune Samiti (NGO) and gift hampers. All the participants were facilitated with the certificates and gift hampers.

We talked to a few participants to know about their experience. 

Pinki Kumari, a winner from Group 3 (Age 40-50) says, “It was a good initiative by the Authority. However, I was not happy because of the management. One of the women fainted in between the event and no one from the Authority paid attention. Moreover, they messed up towards the end. Another woman was declared the winner, and I had to clarify to win the prize."

Puja Pudhir (41), a participant says, “This year my experience was better as compared to last year. The arrangements were also better. The Authority had organized it well."

Garima Tripathi, another participant says, “It was an awesome event. I enjoyed it a lot. If we compare it to last year, the Authorities' management was much better. But some of our friends were not happy because of a few confusions towards the end. Otherwise, it was a good event.”