Unprecedented hike in petrol and diesel hitting middle class hard
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Unprecedented hike in petrol and diesel hitting middle class hard

This is the 13th hike from November 2021 to April 2022

Unprecedented hike in petrol and diesel hitting middle class hard

A continuous hike in fuel prices is becoming a problem for Delhi- NCR citizens. Petrol and diesel prices are hiked by 80 paise on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Petrol in Delhi and Noida will now cost Rs 104.61 per litre and in Gurugram one-litre petrol cost Rs 105.60 and diesel is Rs 93.30. This is the 13th hike from November 2021 to April 2022. Taking the total increase in rates in the last two weeks to Rs 9.20 per litre, according to oil marketing companies.

While diesel prices have hiked up from Rs 95.07 to Rs 95.87. Fuel rates have been increasing across the country and vary from state to state, depending upon the incidence of local taxation.

As gathered this constant hike in fuel and natural gas prices have broken the backbone of middle-class families. This is affecting their other commodities and mare making daily consumables.

The decision of petrol hike evoked a different kind of reaction. An environmentalist, resident of Dwarka and Director of India and South Asia, The Climate Reality Project India, Aditya Pundir says, "If we look at the situation of climate change, we are going to see more hike of fossil fuel whether it's petrol or diesel in future. So, it's a great opportunity for people to probably move towards electric public transport such as the metro and other electric vehicles. It will be very beneficial for the environment and for people's health also".

Aditya Pundir
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He further added " Especially for middle-class people these electric vehicles are a great shift because this will save their money and time. But the capacity of these vehicles should be increased. For example, the number of travellers in Tokyo metro is 10 million annually but in Delhi metro, it's only 2.5 million. So, the government should work to increase the capacity of electric buses and other electric public transport. And it will help both the things in cleaning the atmosphere also and it's much affordable to travel".

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Now, Vijay Bhardwaj, the resident of Dwarka sector 5, working in the admin department of a private organisation has to think twice before deciding to take out his car. Unless it is very important, a car is a big no. "I purchased my first car in August 2019 and after some time Covid came and things become tougher financially. After that, I used to get the tank full as soon as my salary arrived every month. Now, I take my car out only when it is very necessary and started travelling by bus to my office. I think we need the same frequency of hikes in our salary too," he says.

Vijay Bhardwaj
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Shashi kant, a resident of Dwarka sector 23, working in a private firm says, " The sudden hike in fuel price would further add to our burden. I have two kids and the school admission process for the new session is going on. I hardly earn  Rs 20-25k a month and because of this petrol hike, everything else will be affected. Now I have to travel by bus or rickshaw to save some extra bucks for my kid's needs as they are taking admission to a new class".

Shashi Kant
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Joginder Singh, President RWA of Amrapali zodiac, Noida, says "If we compare our condition with other parts of the world the petrol price hike is not much. Still, the government is handling everything smoothly. The petrol prices around the world are high and the condition of India is quite good. So, we have to support our government and surely they will lower the price when everything is normal again around the world".

Joginder Singh
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On the other side, some people are not supporting this decision at all " Before elections the government maintained the prices of petrol and diesel. And suddenly after elections, they are continuously rising it by 80 paise. Only two days back, I pay around 3500-4000 at the rate of 103 Rs. To full my car tank.  So, this hike is really bothering all of us" says Brajesh Sharma, Founder of 7X welfare.

Brajesh Sharma
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He further added "The oil companies are not a loss at all. If they skip their little profit and give subsidies to common people it's not a problem for them. And the government needs to re-think about this decision and do something for 'Aam Aadmi'. Already Covid has done a lot of damage, people don't have jobs and if the government will continue raising the fuel rates where will we go".

"We are facing a lot of problems because of this hike it's a big burden on our pockets. I have to pay my kid's school fees and pay for other commodities. And also summer is here so, the electricity bill and other expenses are also there. People like us who are doing the private job don't know how we can manage everything with this continuous hike. This is a serious matter and the government should look into this matter" says Bhaskar Mishra resident of Guar City 2, Noida.

Bhaskar Mishra
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