Noida under the grip of heatwaves
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Noida under the grip of heatwaves

IMD issued an orange alert on April 16, 2022 warning of a 'severe heatwave' for the next week

Noida under the grip of heatwaves

Noida is under the grip of a heatwave. Afternoon temperatures are soaring as high as 42 degrees celsius making the city as hot as a desert. According to a report by Indian Meteorological Department, Noida is witnessing the hottest April in the last five years.

IMD issued an orange alert on April 16, 2022 warning of a 'severe heatwave' for the next week. According to the forecast, the maximum temperature will remain between 43-44 degrees Celsius in Noida in the coming week.

A heatwave is a condition of air temperature which becomes fatal to the human body when exposed. A heatwave is considered if the maximum temperature of a station reaches at least 40 degrees celsius or more for plains.

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Noida Residents are facing the scorching heat for the last few days. Many residents have stopped going out as the temperatures feel unbearable. Moreover, the heat warms up the water flowing in taps creating problems for them.

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Anjali Verma, resident of Noida sector- 39 says, "The Roads in the Noida city centre area look so empty in the afternoon as no one dares to venture out in the burning weather. Even after 6 pm, warm water runs through the taps as it is so hot."

Ashish Mittal, a resident of sector 26 says, "The harsh summer is not favourable for the kids and the elderly. I and my wife go to work. It is getting very difficult for our old parents to pick them up from the bus stop."

According to IMD, heatwaves could lead to moderate health concerns for vulnerable populations such as infants, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases. People exposed to the sun for a prolonged period or doing heavy work in the sun might show symptoms of heat-related illnesses.

People are advised to avoid heat exposure and dehydration during the daytime. They should wear lightweight, light-coloured cotton clothes. Health experts also advise avoiding eating out as the heat can cause digestion issues.