Tips for school going children to stay safe from Covid
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Tips for school going children to stay safe from Covid

There is a need for caution by parents, students and school authorities

Tips for school going children to stay safe from Covid

Delhi: Schools in Delhi NCR have resumed their classes in the physical mode for all classes from April 1, 2022. As if on cue there has been a spike in Covid cases once again due to which some parents are scared of sending their kids to school. Still, many parents agree that the solution is not to keep children at home all the time. Having physical classes with co-curricular activities helps the student shape a better personality and prepares them for the future.

Under such a situation, there is a need for caution by parents, students and school authorities. Here are some tips that can help parents and school-going children to stay safe, healthy, and still enjoy school life.

Parents should get their children vaccinated with all doses, and educate them to adhere to the covid protocols. Kids should carry extra face masks and sanitisers.

Remember, Coronavirus is an airborne droplet infection. So we need to keep our nose and mouth covered properly outside the home. To contain the spread, children should also maintain physical distancing while in class, on the bus, or in the van.

Parents must ensure that if a child is experiencing cough or cold symptoms, they must not be sent to school. Children must also remain home if any family members have symptoms such as cold, fever, cough, and headache. In case of sickness, family members must take the covid test immediately so that proper protocol can be followed.

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Children should maintain self-hygiene and hygiene in their surroundings. Experts advise not to repeat school dress more than one time. Students should carry a clean handkerchief and use it before lunch. If the classroom is not clean, it should be notified to teachers. A dirty environment can lead to more diseases.

Dr Vaishali Verma, a city-based Dietitian and Diabetes educator says, "Children should not send to school on an empty stomach as this affects their immunity and increase the chance of getting in contact with diseases. It doesn't matter how early a child has to reach school they must be given something to eat like a cup of milk, fruit shake, dry fruits or smoothie." She further suggests that fruits like watermelon, melon, bottle guard, and cucumber should be added to their diet as they contain higher concentrations of water."

To stay safe and healthy, parents must take care of their children's diet. According to Dr Vaishali, seasonal vegetables and fruits must be included in their meals. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and figs are very important as they help to boost energy and increase immunity. One can convert nuts into powder form and mix them in milk if kids do not prefer eating them.

Further, the doctor says Covid is not the only enemy for students. Students must also stay protected from heat-induced dehydration and other infections.
"With covid, other infections also taking place that cannot be ignored. Cases of diarrhoea have increased in the last 10 days, especially in children. Children have to stay protected from the summers also. Children must avoid outside food, stay hydrated during the school hours and their fluid intake must be taken care of." says she.