Curl up your hair with these curlers
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Curl up your hair with these curlers

Foam hair curlers may sound old but they make your hair curly without any heat.

Curl up your hair with these curlers

There are enough things boring around us and your hair don't need to be a part of that crowd. If, for you, straight is dull, don't just snivel about it (even if you're jealous of those with naturally curly hair). We have good news for you! You can curl your hair without damaging them. Yes, it's totally possible to ditch the heat treatment and give your hair a literal twist. Here are different kinds of rollers to curl up your hair. You may look like a 50s white lady character but that's no problem.

Hot Rollers

Yes, this very popular curling method is best for super quick curls. You can even adjust the curler size as per your requirements and leave them in your hair.

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Sponge Rollers

These rollers can make your hair curly overnight. This method doesn't need much effort. You can wrap your hair with these small sponges and can sleep it off. You will wake up with pretty curls the other morning.

Brush Hair Roller

Everyone likes freshly blown hair in a salon but what if you can do that at your home. For that, you can buy a Roller Brush for your hair. These kinds of curlers have bristles on their surface to lock your hair perfectly. You blow your hair with a hair dryers while curling them in or out.

Magnetic Rollers

Magnetic rollers give a nice wavy look to your hair. You should use magnetic curlers only when your hair is wet. But remember to use your hair curler cream for soft curls.

Heated Roller

These are one of the best options as they are used by professional hairdressers. Heated Roller creates long-lasting curls without any frizz. Don't forget to spray the heat protection spray before and after the curler.

Foam Hair Curler

This concept may sound old but it will make your hair curly without any heat. All you need is to damp your hair and part them in small sections. Roll your hair up one by one. Leave this for the whole night and remove all the forms one by one the next morning. You will see the beautiful corkscrew-shaped curls. Spray the mist to hold your curls for a longer period.

Velcro Rollers

These are the classic plastic hair rollers that we have all seen in the movies. These are attached with the pad to the top. Velcro rollers make strong curls that stay for a longer time. For that you need to wrap your hair on the roller and tie it with the bobby pins.