This summer, take care of your hair!
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This summer, take care of your hair!

Summer is all about heat and humidity, due to which you may wish to wash your hair very often

This summer, take care of your hair!

As summers have already arrived, most of us are occupied with our skincare regime. Well, scorching summers can equally affect your hair as it does your skin. Hot breeze and the sun’s UV rays can harm the outermost layer of your hair known as the cuticle. When cuticles are damaged, your hair become rough. Due to this, one can suffer from utter hair breakage, frizziness and low volume. Therefore, planning to stay protected from sun damage is necessary for hair too. So here are some tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy during summers.

Do not Overwash

Summer is all about heat and humidity, due to which you may wish to wash your hair very often. But, beware of how many times you are washing your hair in a week. Excessive shampooing can remove the natural oil from the scalp resulting in frizzy and dry hair. You can wash and condition your hair twice or thrice times a week.

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Hydrate Yourself

This is a trick that no one should ever ignore. If you are taking care of your ski and hair but forget to drink lots of water, it might not be as effective. Pamper yourself with lots of cooling refreshing fluid in summer. This will not only keep your toxins free but also provide hydration to your hair strands.

Tie up your hair

If you have long hair, tying up them must be common for you. But those =with short hair should also tie up hair as it helps to limit sun exposure and reduce sweating because sweating is ridiculous! You can try various types of hairstyles ranging from braids to buns and poney. Tying up your hair will also stop you from hair breakage and tangles.

Avoid heat tools

Keep away from heat styling tools for hairstyling such as blow dryers, straighteners and curlers. Using such tools can add up to the existing heating environment and damage your hair. Choose more natural hairstyles or natural techniques this summer to keep hair happy and refreshing.

Oil Massage

Massaging hair scalp can be a lot more beneficial. This helps to improve blood circulation and maintain moisture in the scalp. You can massage with oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil. Lukewarm can also be relaxing.

Use Hats And Scarfs

Hot weather and muddy breeze in summers can dry out your hair. To avoid such complications, wear a hat or scarf on your head to protect yourself. One can go with various sorts of headcovers like wide-brimmed hats denim caps and canvas hats. To get an extra layer of cover or barrier, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before you put on the hat. If you struggle while wearing caps or hats you can simply wear silk scarves. Other than the protection, it also adds style and fun elements to your outfit.

Recognize extra hair care during summers that will protect your beauty and personality.