Noida: Don't honk in silent zones or you'll be fined Rs 10,000
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Noida: Don't honk in silent zones or you'll be fined Rs 10,000

No honking of modified silencers and hooters siren is allowed in Noida

Noida: Don't honk in silent zones or you'll be fined Rs 10,000

Noida: Noida traffic police has launched a drive against the modified silencers and pressure horns hooters that creates sound/noise pollution. A letter has been sent to the authorities for putting a warning board near these zones. If anyone blows the horn in the silence zone, a fine of rupees 10,000 will be levied on the person.

The traffic police are vigilant now, on the roads of Noida. No honking of modified silencers and hooters siren is allowed.

Ganesh Prasad Saha, DCP Traffic Police says, “We had a meeting today with the Pollution Control Board and ARTO, a survey was done by the pollution department to know the ratio of the pollution controlled and to know the fault in controlling the noise pollution. We have started a mission to control the horns by strict action. This campaign will go throughout Noida and Greater Noida. All the three authorities- Greater Noida Authority, Noida Authority and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority have informed that approx 100 meters radius near the hospitals, temples, schools, colleges, etc. For this purpose, a silence zone has been marked in the city.”

Till now, the traffic police of Noida has imposed a fine of rupee 10,000 on 17 motorcycles and 18 car owners.

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Brajesh Sharma, Founder of 7X welfare says, “Unnecessary use of honking create panic to drivers which may cause him/her using the accelerator in place of brake and may causes accidents. People are already surrounded by many unwanted noises, hope this noise with controlled use will improve the situation.”

Brajesh Sharma
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Noida residents have appreciated this step by traffic police. Shreya Sharma, resident of Sector 50, Noida says, “There are many silent zones in our city and yet, no one follows the instructions. There is so much unnecessary honking throughout the day even in silent zones. We welcome this step by the traffic police.”

Shreya Sharma
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Vikram Sethi, a resident of sector 15 (A) says, “Modified silencers and pressure horns not only create noise pollution but also create a distraction for other drivers on roads. It poses a threat of accidents. It is high time this unnecessary honking is policed.”

Vikram Sethi
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The traffic police have urged the people to inform police about the violations using the traffic police helpline number 9971009001. Police has also assured strict action against the violators.