Small steps towards the environment
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Small steps towards the environment

This World Earth Day, let us choose to be an environmental leader

Small steps towards the environment

We, humans, are part of nature and nature is part of us, this interconnection keeps us and nature healthy. However, unsustainable growth has rendered our ecosystem imbalanced. Humankind now stares at a reality of melting glaciers, disappearing species and degraded forests resulting in global warming. The need of the hour becomes an environmental awakening and small steps towards the environment before we are too late.

Being an environmentalist does not have to be tedious. With the right vision, small steps go a long way. This World Earth Day, let us choose to be an environmental leader. Here are a few things you can consider-

Build a community garden

A community garden can bring harmony at the same time, benefiting the environment. Take the initiative to build a garden in your area. One can even take help from the horticulture department of your city. Such a step would create environmentalism in the younger and older generation.

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Understand environmental issues in your area
Burning of dry leaves and excessive use of private vehicles are common anti-environment practices in Indian neighborhoods. Apart from this, study the cause of air, water and soil pollution in your area. Your activism will inspire more people in your neighbourhood to work for the cause of the environment.


Community composting is one of the best ways to protect the soil and also increases its fertility. It can help to feed the small organisms and increase the plant life and this is how we can reuse some waste and turn it into good to grow vegetables in it. What better to promote recycling.

Plan Educational presentations
A big reason for non-eco-friendly practices is negligence and complacency. Creating awareness of environmental issues and their causes can help further the fight to protect the environment. You can work with NGOs and other activists.

Place solar panels at home and workplaces

Solar panels are one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to save nature. Conventional forms of electricity create pollution, and negatively affect the environment and aquatic life.

Organize a community hike with nature experts
Events related to nature can make others aware and bring them closer to the natural environment. Such events encourage environmentalism.