Dwarka: Impending Heatwave forces 'Yellow Alert' in Delhi
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Dwarka: Impending Heatwave forces 'Yellow Alert' in Delhi

Schools have reopened and the rising temperatures are a cause of worry among parents.

Dwarka: Impending Heatwave forces 'Yellow Alert' in Delhi

Delhi: In the view of the rising temperatures in the national capital, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has imposed a 'yellow alert' in Delhi, starting April 28, 2022, till May 2, 2022. Reportedly, in the next two days, severe heatwaves are to hit Delhi and the temperature is expected to reach as high as 44.2 degrees Celsius on Thursday. There is also the possibility of a dust storm that may hit the North Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh tomorrow.

For the last few days, Delhi people are facing a lot of problems because of this hot weather. Schools have reopened and the rising temperatures are a cause of worry among parents. Office goers and street vendors are already suffering at the hands of the scorching sun.

Shashi Kant, a resident of Dwarka sector 23 says,

Shashi Kant
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“This weather is very extreme and I really don’t want to step out of my house but I need to fulfil my professional duties. For the last two days, I'm suffering from headaches and excessive sweat is another problem. I'm feeling very low and dehydrated all the time”.

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Madhuri Bharadwaj, resident of Dwarka sector-8 says,

Madhuri Bharadwaj 
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“It’s too hot outside and feels like we are living in a heat chamber. I have two kids and I’m very worried about their health. Last night, my daughter got a high fever and I took her to a doctor. He said this has happened because of the extremely hot weather. The kids are not vaccinated for Covid also and this heatwave is making them more weak and ill”.

Kirti Tiwari, a resident of Dwarka sector 12 says,

Kirti Tiwari
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“Yesterday, on my way to office, I noticed my skin felt like burning, even in my A/C cab. It was 41°C that day. We can't switch the AC off at our homes because of the heat and we can't afford to keep AC on throughout the day."

She further added, “The discomfort on skin is also a major concern for me because I personally suffer a lot of skin issues due to heat and excessive sweating. Fatigue and nausea is routine for me. I am worried about the areas where there is no proper water and electricity supply."

CitySpidey reached out to some doctors to know their suggestions regarding the health issues the heatwaves are posing.

Dr. Madhu Kaushik, pediatrician, Dwarka Mor says, “Do not avoid any symptoms of your child's health. Immediately consult your doctor and treat your child. But firstly, make sure you make them comfortable, give them water to drink and make sure they are staying in a cool environment. And if your children are not feeling well, don’t send them to school and make sure they take full rest”.

Dr. Karambir Rana, Dwarka Sector 23 says, “Avoid going out in the sun. You can imagine the condition of the weather by this yellow alert. We all need to pay extra attention towards our health and increase our liquid intake. If you are not feeling well and don’t want to eat roti sabzi and other food, make sure you eat lots of fruits and salad. It is very important to keep your body cool, full, and hydrated”.