In Greater Noida West, Sundays are for protests; Part 3
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In Greater Noida West, Sundays are for protests; Part 3

Residents of Fusion homes are braving the sun to protest against builder continuously every Sunday

In Greater Noida West, Sundays are for protests; Part 3

Greter Noida West: Sundays usually mean family time for the rest of the world. However, here in Greater Noida West, it means Protest Day. The dispute between the builder and the residents in Greater Noida West seems to be unending. Residents from several societies gather every Sunday to protest against existing issues ranging from lack of amenities to pending registry.

CitySpidey has started a series highlighting the issues of GreNo West societies that are forcing them to protest. We contacted the residents of different societies to understand their problems. We also contacted the maintenance managers of these societies to get the ground reality.

Residents of Fusion homes are braving the sun to protest against the builder continuously every Sunday. They gather at EK Murti circle to protest against long pending issues. Residents allege that the society lacks basic facilities even after they are paying hiked maintenance charges.

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Residents shared that the maintenance charge was Rs 1.80 with GST. However, on March 29, 2022, the builder sent a letter to the residents and raised the maintenance charges to Rs 2.65 + GST, which was applicable from April 1, 2022. Residents allege that the builder did not share any notice with the residents before raising the prices.

According to the residents, even after increasing the maintenance charges, the society lacks several basic amenities and the builder is not paying heed to their requests. Residents say that the prevalent issues of the society include seepage, sanitation and lack of safety in the society. They also complain that gates number 2 and 3 of the society are not operational.

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The basement parking of this society is lacking the proper light and cleanliness. Residents allege that parking is used for debris collection. They say that the parking below tower L has been turned into a garbage yard. There is a lot of dust and dirt visible all the time on the ground of the parking floor. There is a lack of signage and mirrors which can be dangerous. Residents showed the condition of the parking lot. Layers of heavy dust could be seen again in the car.

Kunal Kaushik, Resident of Fusion homes says, “We are raising our voice against the builder for a long time. He has increased the Common Area Maintenace charges without taking our consent. The whole society's parking has been converted into a dumping yard. Residents of F tower and L tower are living amidst the continuous stench from the basement. Many times the small children and elders get sick from this.”

Sanjeev Shukla, a resident says, “Fogging is never done in this society. A lot of water has been collected in the basement parking and a lot of mosquitoes and insects are breeding here. Cracks on roofs, pillars and walls are a common problem here but they don't want to work on it. All the substandard staff are in maintenance. Children's parks are in a bad condition.”

Apart from maintenance issues, residents say that society is suffering from security issues. They allege that Security guards do not perform their duties well, and the builder takes no heed of this.

Arun Awasthi, Resident, Fusion home says, “Why does one take flat in a society? For security assurance obviously. But here, there is no security. The guards don't even know what their job is. Anyone can enter the society premises from any gate. There are no guards at gates 2 and 3, there is no guard to do the security at the gate. Plus, there is no intercom facility too on these gates. Guards never ask for our permission to let a person in.”

Further, residents complain that the Diesel Generator of this society is not PNG driven as per the Government norms, they run the DG on diesel. As per the residents, a letter has been issued for structural audit but got no reply.

Jeevan Singh, a resident says, “There are many big and small cracks in all the flats of the society. I live on the 15h floor and I am afraid of these cracks. The whole society is weak. Who can forget the recent Gurugram building collapse? We are demanding a structural audit and nobody is listening to us.”

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Residents also complain about the encroachment in their society. Residents say that there are six unauthorised kiosks in this commercial market of Fusion homes. Greater Noida Authority took instant action on the complaint received against them and ordered them to close it. They were closed but the movable kiosks have not been removed.

The application to close them was given by the shop owners, Greater Noida Authority came into action and instant closed the kiosks. However, these closed kiosks are stopping the way and are not easy to walk there. These kiosks have wheels and they can be moved easily from here and there. But they are not removing it. Residents complain that they are facing problems in commuting due to this encroachment. The space has been blocked for a long time.

Arun Awasthi, a resident of fusion homes says, “The shopkeepers have covered the area and rent out these kiosks to the people, which on the complaints were shut down, but still those kiosks are lying there. And no one is removing them. In the site plan also it is not mentioned that such kinds of kiosks will be placed".

Alok Tiwari, a resident of Fusion Homes says, “ There are two cycle shops in the markets, their stock is spread outside the shop and there are many flexes and signboards scattered in the market, which leave no space for residents to walk. Some shopkeepers rent out the space to anyone for pani puri, a samosa shop. When they do not own the shop, how can they give space for rent?”

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Shyam Shrivastava, a resident of Fusion Homes says, “Kiosks are illegal and they should be removed. It is for 2 years that we are seeing this. When we complained they were shut down. This is the duty of the builder. There are many stalls here that are still operational. Food kiosks wash the dishes due to which the pathway remains slippery most of the time.”

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We contacted the maintenance office of the Fusion homes. Radheyshyam Pandey, Facility Manager, Fusion homes says, "Building and selling apartments is an easy task but maintaining it is even more difficult. The hardest task is to satisfy each resident. There are approx 250 families and 1300 people. If the builder has not provided any facilities, then how can so many people are living here?"

On asking about the debris collected in the basement parking, he says, "The debris has to be collected somewhere as we are instructed by the Greater Noida authority not to throw the debris on the open roads. Construction work is going on in almost all the flats. 3 to 4 trolleys are working to remove which will be cleared within a month.”