Most well-known Mangoes in India
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Most well-known Mangoes in India

The distinct taste, shape, colour, and aroma of each variety is a blessing.

Most well-known Mangoes in India

What's the one thing that we look forward to the most in Summers? Of course Mangoes. Morning, evening or night, binging on mangoes is a popular Indian summer tradition. Midway in May, mangoes are already flooding Delhi markets. Wait a bit more and mangoes will rule our markets, occupy our refrigerators and make a home in our soul.

This extremely Juicy and tastiest fruit ever is rightly called the 'King of Fruits'. It has more than 1500+ varieties grown in India. Several regions in India are known for their distinct mangoes. Dussehri from Lucknow, Alphonso from Mumbai, Langda from Bihar and many more. Each has a distinct taste, shape, colour, and Aroma which captivates us the whole summer.

Here is the list of the 10 most demanding mango species in India. Check how many have you tasted?


This Karnataka native has a sweet and slightly tangy taste and is very elongated in shape and has shades of red and green in its skin colour. The pulp of the fruit is very soft and melts in the mouth and that is why it is also known as Honey Mango. A very good option for you is to prepare shakes, as the pulp inside has a good yellow colour.

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This amazing parrot beak shaped mango variety has a rich romantic taste and is extremely delicious because of its delicately blended sweet and sour acidic taste and is about 6-8 inches long. The skin of this is greenish and is cultivated in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. A bite into this tropical fruit can feel like paradise, a must-try mango variety for salads and pickles.

Alphonso (Hapus Aam)

This super-rich orange fleshy fruit is extremely sweet and delicious and is also very famous as Ratnagiri Alphonso. The outer skin of fully ripped Alphanso is bright golden yellow with an orange tint on the top and weighs around 300 grams.


This super tasty variety was grown by disabled farmers in Varanasi and hence Langra mango got its name. It is very popular in West Bengal, Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand and is super tasty. Its taste hovers around the mouth and tongue for a long time.


Here comes the queen of the Mangoes which are largely grown and consumed in Old Mysore of Karnataka. The Raspuries tastes best with yoghurt, shakes and smoothies. and are generally 4-6 inches long.


This variety is named after a town in Bihar and is introduced by Sher Shah Suri during his reign in the sixteenth century. It's very popular in North-Eastern India and is characterised by incredibly sweet pulp and bright yellow skin.


This mango variety is famous for its sweet and sour taste and is best for making mango shakes. You can identify this variety from its bright yellow colour and whitish pulp. This variety is also called 'The King of Mangoes in South India' because it is larger in size than the other varieties of mango. 

And now you know about all the delicious mango varieties in India,  It’s time to pick your favourite mango and enjoy it while the season lasts!