GreNo West: Himalaya Pride maintenance falters at many fronts, residents miffed
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GreNo West: Himalaya Pride maintenance falters at many fronts, residents miffed

Residents shared their grievances with the MLA Tejpal Nagar and he has promised quick resolution.

GreNo West: Himalaya Pride maintenance falters at many fronts, residents miffed

GreNo West: Lack of basic amenities in residential societies and miffed residents is not uncommon in GreNo West. The residents of Himalaya Pride, a residential society in GreNo West are grappling with several issues, including lack of maintenance. On May 15, 2022, MLA Tejpal Nagar visited the society to listen to residents' issues. He further ensured to get the prevalent problems of the society resolved as soon as possible.

Residents of the society claim that there is zero maintenance. The issue of poor lighting in the society poses a safety threat to the residents. Residents say that in the evenings, the whole society gets engulfed in darkness. They also say that regular electricity cuts also add to this problem.

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Inattentiveness of security guards is another problem in the society. According to residents, the guards at the entry gates don't seek approval from the flat owners before granting entry to anyone. This poses a serious safety threat to all the residents of the society.

Residents also say that parking allotment in the society is poor. Although the parking slots have been sold to the flat buyers, there are no proper documents that specify clearly which particular parking has been designated to whom.

The roads in the society, as per the residents, are not adequate in width. Residents say that in every society, the roads are 13-16m wide, however, in this society, they are only 9m wide. Moreover, the roads can allegedly be found in deplorable condition quite often.

Also, there are no signages in the society, due to which, it gets difficult for people to find their own flats at times. Further, residents allege that the swimming pool of the society is not cleaned timely.

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One of the residents of the society, Naresh Nautiyal, claims to have seen a dead pigeon in the water tank from which the water is supplied to the apartments. Residents say the water supply in the society is not fit for use as the TDS is around 350. They also say that this water has caused premature greying of hair and unhealthy skin.

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Naresh Nautiyal says, “The society is grappling with several problems. A major blunder the builder has done is that he has converted the fire exit into parking, hence if anything serious ever happens in the society, one will not be able to save his life because there is no walkable space left here.”

Lack of bus shelter is also a cause of inconvenience for the residents as they have to stand in scorching sun while waiting for bus. Ashish, a residents of the society says, “There is no bus shelter outside the society. Earlier we kept requesting the builder, but he didn't do anything about it. Due to the unavailability of a bus shelter, we are facing many problems. Every day when parents go out to pick up and drop off their wards, they have no other option than to keep standing in the sun. We are helpless.”

Apart from the issues of the society, the residents also talked about several problems that the entire region of GreNo West has to face. They talked about the lack of speed breakers in GreNo West which makes the roads prone to accidents.

Nitesh Sharma, a resident of the society says, “There is a major need for speed breakers outside our society. In front of Himalaya Pride and Greenarch, there are no speed breakers. We have witnessed a lot of accidents here because of lack of speed breakers. Once, an auto driver was running at a speed of around 90 km/h and he hit two passersby. Even after that, no speed breaker has been constructed."

Residents of Himalaya Pride have also raised concerns about the transportation system. They say that the transportation system also needs to be checked. Brijendra Singh, a resident says, “There is no proper transportation system in GreNo West. Post Covid, all the buses of authority have been discontinued. I think the authority should now think to start dedicated autos for metro stations. As the buses are not available now, the autos have the monopoly and they charge us high fares to drop us at metro station of Sector 52.”

Amit Darshan, another resident says, “Our MLA Tejpal Nagar, has promised us that he will solve all problems very soon. Today the MLA came to Himalaya Pride, he knew the problems of the people of Himalaya Pride. He has assured us to improve all the problems soon.”

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MLA Tejpal Nagar, after the long interactive session with the residents of Himalaya pride, said, "The bus service will be resumed back from Tilpata to the metro station as soon as possible. As there is a major need for a trauma centre in Grenowest, Bisrakh Hospital will soon be expanded. Proper bus sheds will be installed. The work on the construction of the speed breakers will also start at the earliest."

After this meeting, he also said that we will hold a meeting from June 8 to June 18 to hear the grievances of the residents of the society.

We tried to contact Sanjeev, the maintenance manager of Himalaya Pride, but his number was unreachable. We will get back to him and update the story.Himalaya Pride, greater noida west, MLA Tejpal Nagar, maintenance, builders in noida extension, stp, security