ShudhVayu Filters, a step towards clean outdoor air
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ShudhVayu Filters, a step towards clean outdoor air

It can also be attached to one's car without leaving a scratch.

ShudhVayu Filters, a step towards clean outdoor air

The World Environment Expo(WEE 2022) held at Pragati Maidan from June 4-June 6, 2022 came as a noteworthy step in the exchange of knowledge and raising awareness on organizations working with the environment conserving business ideas.

Among all environmental concerns, poor air quality is very dominant in the NCT of Delhi. The market has products for cleaning the indoor air but few technologies are working toward cleaning outside air in urban areas. This is where ShudhVayu Filters comes in.

The ShudhVayu Filters is a device that cleans the surrounding outdoor air. The device has multiple air filters that do not use any electricity inlet. As informed by its makers, it can easily be installed and removed. It can also be attached to one's car without leaving a scratch.

It was started in 2018 in New Delhi by a group of IITians with a vision to clean the outdoor air. Amit Bhatnagar was the main person behind this. Amit always wanted to do something for the Nation which made him return to India after leaving his job as a Business consultant in Washington DC in 2008.

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Amit Bhatnagar says, "After coming back to India, I started working in healthcare after realizing that 95 crore people in the country do not have access to quality healthcare. During that, I started realizing that more than 4.5 million people die prematurely every year due to outdoor air pollution. So this lead me towards the need for cleaning outdoor air."

Amit informs that the device works on two principles: Conversion of velocity into pressure for pressure filtration and segregation of dust from particulate matter to maintain the efficiency of filtration. The machine has three layers of filters and does not consume any type of Energy.

While explaining how this device works, Amit says, "The first filter is made up of foam media of varying pore sizes to create a graded arrester which captures fabric, dust, and smoke particles. The second pre-filter ensures that no particles larger than 100 micron reaches the HEPA filter, and hence maintains the efficiency. Due to this, the efficiency of the third filter- HEPA could be as high as 99.93%. On average, in a run of 100 km, the change in weight of the ShudhVayu Filters is 4 grams."

The initiative has been recognized by Atal Innovation Mission, Earth shot, IKEA foundation & other worldwide NGOs. "The Environment needs many such filters but the challenge now is to motivate people to invest money to install these filters and help in cleaning the air." says Amit.