Summer seal- a natural way to cool your room
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Summer seal- a natural way to cool your room

Summer Seal is a water-based eco-friendly seal

Summer seal- a natural way to cool your room

In a world of heatwaves, we are compelled to use more electronics which is only creating more emissions. The process is giving rise to a vicious cycle. The only solution for the environment then is to find natural ways of cooling.

Summer seal is a water-based high solid, flexible, 100% acrylic coating that reflects 80% of the sun's harmful rays and prevents the roof from absorbing heat. Thus, reducing the room temperature by 10-20 degrees.

CitySpidey came across this unique initiative at the World Environment Expo 2022. The WEE was a B2B platform for all organizations involved in Environment-friendly initiatives, by putting technology, ideas, and inventions under one umbrella.

The Summer Seal was established in the year 2012 by Mohit Agarwal and his wife Tuhina Agarwal.

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Tuhina Agarwal, co-founder of this company says, "One particular summer, we were at home and the power got cut. To reduce the heat, we decided to cool down the roof surface by putting cold water on it. The idea of cooling the surface hit my mind. We wanted to introduce an idea by which we can do a one-time coating for a cold roof, and then we started researching it. We have tested the final product more than 100 times. And then in 2012, we finally launched it."

Tuhina informs that the high reflectivity of the Summer seal keeps the roof substrate cool, which not only prolongs its longevity but also saves on energy costs. The product has a durability of more than 5 years and a bucket of 20 litres costs only 6000 and covers more than 600 sq. ft area.

Mohit Agarwal says, the founder of the company says "The white colour reflective coating will help in reducing the use of ACs which will ultimately lead to less Carbon dioxide emissions. It also improves the working efficiency of room ventilators. The Summer seal is completely eco-friendly."

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He further says that the seal has uses in Winters too. He says that in winter, the seal would prevent overcooling of the room as it would not let dew absorb on the roof.

Talking about the scope of the Summer seal, Mohit says, "My idea for launching the Summer seal is that the maximum number of industries use this product for its workers. The hot weather affects the working pattern and the health of the workers. If the seal is used in all factories, it would cool the area by 10-20 degrees and help the workers too."