Noida to Grenowest, garbage is making life difficult
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Noida to Grenowest, garbage is making life difficult

A transformer was burnt in sector 73 Noida from improper disposal

Noida to Grenowest, garbage is making life difficult

Walking on the streets can be off-putting if the only thing you see around is garbage. Residents of Greater Noida West and Noida are tired of seeing accumulated garbage all around the open spaces and the problems resulting from it. The residents have been tweeting regarding garbage on the roads regularly. Apart from this, construction and demolition waste can be seen on the roads, vacant parks, service lanes, and vacant plots.

Residents informed that areas such as Panchsheel Greens2, The Char Murti, 7 Meter road, Gaur mall road, the U-turn of Supertech Ecovillage 2, and Gaur City are suffering from improper waste management. Drains can be seen clogged with waste such as tires, septage, scrap metal, latex paints, broken parts of furniture or toys, household garbage, broken appliances, and empty cans.

Residents inform that cleaning of the open drains in Techzone 4, near Artha sez, Greno West was done on June 7, 2022. Residents allege that a lot of solid waste pulled out from the drain kept lying there for 7 days. This resulted in a filthy smell all around. It was finally picked up on June 14, 2022.

"The question is why are the authorities not cautious about the health of residents. When clearing out debris, workers do not follow the NGT norms (National Green Tribunal). This norm says that the wheels of the dumper should be thoroughly cleaned. So that they do not make the roads dirty, but this rule is not followed. Moreover, the vehicles remain overloaded so a lot of debris falls on the roads creating dust", says Manish Kumar, Senior Vice president, Nefowa.

Sumil Jalota, a member of team Nefowa says, "There is a need for proper cleaning machines, presently, tools are not sufficient for the cleaning of Greater Noida West. The pollution department of Noida Authority should keep a check on all the construction sites and make sure NGT guidelines are followed."

Residents of Techzone 4 highlighted that a vacant plot in the area has been converted into a dump yard. As gathered, societies such as Spring Meadows, Nirala Estate, and La Residentia are being affected by this. Residents allege that they have complained to the Authority several times but no action has been taken yet.

Sagar Gupta, resident of Spring Meadows says, "This plot was earlier used by the builder of Spring Meadows Society to keep construction waste. However, it was abandoned after the work was complete. Residents were promised a green cover before moving on. Yet, the view offers just construction debris and garbage. The Authority is also not taking any action.

Vikash Katiyar, Resident of Spring Meadows and Vice president of Nefowa says, “No improvement is being done by the Greater Noida Authority even after complaining several times. Around 15000 families are inhaling polluted air because of this."

On this note, CitySpidey contacted Umesh Chandra, Deputy Manager, Greater Noida Authority. He says, “We are cleaning the areas daily. Naturally, debris will accumulate until there is construction work. Regarding the vacant plot turned into a dump yard, once I get the GPS location, I will work on this project on priority to get it cleaned."

Moreover, sector 73, Sarfabaad in Noida is under a heap of garbage. The residents allege that officials are not taking any care of the hygiene here. They say that officials reach out only after multiple follow-ups. However, until the time sanitation workers are sent, mosquitoes and stench spreads everywhere. Residents have complained that the roads are never washed and broomed properly after the garbage collection.

Sonu Yadav, President, Yuva Team, Sarfabad, Sector 73 says, “Authority visited here and inspected that there is a lot of dirt only after we complain. There is no mechanism for maintaining cleanliness. The sweeper comes once a week, he picks the garbage floating on the drains, and they do not even broom and wash the area.”

Last week, a transformer was burnt in sector 73 Noida from improper disposal. Monu Yadav, an area resident says, “This transformer was burnt was everyone's fault- the Authority and the residents. Sweepers throw the polythenes filled with garbage above on the transformer due to which the polythenes melted and the fire took place. Moreover, despite the written warning, the people keep throwing the garbage there. ”

On this, we contacted OSD Indu Prakash Singh from Noida Authority to know that is he aware of the situation. He says, “Sarfabad, Sector 73 is under our prime list, very soon I will deploy staff there. Two OSDs are looking into the matter. The area will be cleaned soon."

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