Noida: Parthala Flyover to be completed soon
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Noida: Parthala Flyover to be completed soon

The project manager blames the delay in the construction of the flyover on Covid

Noida: Parthala Flyover to be completed soon

Noida: The residents of Noida will soon be able to commute seamlessly between Noida and Greater Noida as construction of the Parthala flyover is finally going on in a full swing. This flyover will ease traffic congestion at the Parthala traffic intersection. The Noida Authority started construction of the Parthala Flyover back in December 2021.

Mukesh Vaish, Senior Manager, Noida Authority says, “The day when this Parthala flyover will be operational, commuters will enjoy seamless travel from Noida or Delhi while on their way to Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Hapur with other cities."

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As gathered, the Parthala flyover is expected to ease traffic for nearly 2 lakh commuters on Noida and Greater Noida link road. Residents travelling from Greater Noida West to Gaur City chowk, towards City Centre, Sector 34 will be able to drive or ride without any traffic signals. As gathered, nearly 18,000 vehicles travel on this road during peak hours.

To know more about this most awaited project, team CitySpidey visited the Parthala Flyover construction site. Aman Khare, the Project Manager of the Parthla Flyover, while talking about the construction process of the flyover, says, "Maximum work has been completed at the backend. There is not much work pending now. It might take a little time to be completed as there is a deep sewer line and proper shifting of trees has to be done. After that, the construction will be in full swing." He tells us that a team is working to remove the deep sewer line, and a parallel line has been set up for this purpose.

He further says, "We are taking optimum care of resources as well as mankind so that no harm is done to anyone. The work of shifting the sewerline will be finished tentatively by Monday. The pylon work will also be completed on Monday."

The pylon
Credit: CitySpidey

When asked about whether the flyover will be completed by August or not, to which he said, "It may be on time and it may be a little delayed because it is not like that we have to build a temporary thing, we are making a permanent big structure which takes time, what can be said of unforeseen situations?"

Project Manager Aman Khare informs us that the project is just about complete. While the said deadline of the project was June 23, 2022, he blames the delay on Covid.

Project Manager Aman Khare
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Aman Khare says, "As per the NGT, the construction was banned from November 15, 2021, to December 25, 2021. One month is a big time. There were many factors which contributed to the delay. We couldn't cut trees just like this. Now, we are shifting them. This all takes time".

To shift the trees, the branches of the trees are removed first, and then the trunk is shifted so that later, it can be placed in a new location.

Aman Khare also showed us the 3D plan and explained how speedily the project is reaching its final phase. He said, "While one side of the flyover is completed, the work is going on for the other side. The girders are getting fabricated in Ahmedabad. More than 50% of work has been completed."

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He further explains, "The cables have come from Austria, Vienna. All the material is here. The pre-cast slabs are waiting to be put, on which the vehicles will run. The only work left is that we have to put things in place. This total work will take maximum of one month".