Noida: Defence Enclave residents protest against inadquate facilities
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Noida: Defence Enclave residents protest against inadquate facilities

Residents allege that there is no main gate in the society

Noida: Defence Enclave residents protest against inadquate facilities

On Saturday, July 16, 2022, a tile from one of the towers fell on a person, injuring him badly. As gathered, the person was left wounded severely with a bleeding nose.

Residents of Defence Enclave, sector-44 near Godrej Woods have been protesting against the poor quality of construction, encroachment and a lack of maintenance and security by the builder for the past two weeks.

Residents allege that despite complaining several times, the set of builders has only given them dates. This leaves them with no option but to protest. Just like Gaur City, Defence Enclave is a congregation of many developers like ATFL, Homtech builders etc constructing buildings with the name of Homtech, ACC, Sunlight residency, V Heights, and Saptrishi.

The biggest problem that the residents say is there is no main gate in the society. As per them, this is a potential threat to their security as anyone can enter society at any time. Aman Siddiqui, resident of Defence Enclave says, “There are no security guards appointed here by the builder. It falls solely on us to look out for our life. We have hired security guards with our money here. As there is no main gate, there is no record of visitor management."

Sadhna Mishra, resident of Defence Enclave says, “It was supposed to be a gated society, but as there is no main gate then how can it be a gated society?  Miscreants, thieves, and anyone can enter here. There is no CCTV in society. The builder has agreed to put 8 CCTV in the society, but they would cover only a specific section and not the whole area.”

Residents allege that there is no sense of maintenance in society. The quality of roads is poor within the society and the common areas remain dirty. They also allege that they had been promised a ganga water supply but that remains unfulfilled. Vivek Yadav, a resident of Defence Enclave says, “Our builder promised us that we will get a supply of Ganga water to drink but that never happened. We have been complaining for a long about poor quality construction and poor maintenance but no one is listening. "

Residents highlight that being a large society and each tower being owned by a different builder, unauthorised parking and encroachment are big challenges for them. Residents allege that their parking areas are encroached by shops and unauthorised vehicles resulting in chaos and jams for them. This exists mainly in Homtech tower and near Sant Nirankari Bhawan, say residents.

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Sunita Sharma, a resident of Homtech, Defence Enclave says, “We have been facing parking issues every day due to encroachments by shops in the tower.

Nevertheless, as a silver lining, residents have put the protest on hold this Sunday as two builders Satish Arora and Dharmendra Chauhan have taken the initiative of resolving some of the common issues. But they warn that if the issues remain unresolved, or do not get resolved by given dates, residents would resume protesting.