Delhi Government to make electric retrofitment of vehicles faceless
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Delhi Government to make electric retrofitment of vehicles faceless

This move will benefit Diesel vehicle users who want to convert their vehicles to electric mode

Delhi Government to make electric retrofitment of vehicles faceless

In a bid to promote Electric vehicles (EV), the Delhi Government is soon going to make Electric Vehicle (EV) retro fitment services completely faceless for the citizens of Delhi. This move will benefit a large number of Diesel vehicle users who would want to convert their vehicles to electric mode.

Through this faceless service, you can get your diesel vehicle retrofitted with an electric vehicle kit at your home from an authorised dealer. This will enable the citizens to keep plying their vehicles older than 10 years (earlier diesel) on roads which were earlier barred citing NGT orders which restrict any 10+-year-old Diesel and 15+-year-old petrol vehicles to ply in the city.

Faceless services were started on trial on Feb 19, 2021, and were officially launched on August 11, 2021, by Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal when physical RTOs were locked in Delhi. Citizens can avail of the transport services from the comfort of their homes without visiting the Zonal Offices of the Department. There are 47 faceless services under the Transport department. From the start of the trial in February 2021, more than 21 lakh Delhiites have availed services of the Transport department under Faceless services.

In June 2022, Delhi Government had come up with an order to allow petrol and diesel vehicle owners to convert their vehicles into electric vehicles through retro fitment. For this, a new portal was created to bring in both customers and agencies who are involved in the process of retrofitting vehicles on a common platform.

As a step to make EV kit retrofitment faceless, the module for retrofitment of Electric Vehicle (EV) Kits in Diesel vehicles has been made online on the Vahan Portal to enable the citizens of Delhi to get their old diesel vehicles retrofitted with EV kits by the Retro Fitment Centre.

The citizens can avail this service through the following steps:

Visit a Retro Fitment Centre (RFC), authorised by the Delhi Govt, for the installation of the EV kit in your diesel car.

The RFC will upload the information of the EV kit installed in your diesel car on the Vahan portal; the same will be verified by the respective zone’s Regional Transport Office (RTO) official.

Currently, the citizen will have to take the vehicle for a one-time inspection at the RTO office. After verification of the vehicle, the details of the same will be updated on the Vahan portal for Alteration (EV kit endorsement) by the official.

This service will go fully faceless soon, where the user will not have to visit the RTO but shall be taken care of at the Retro Fitment centre.

Fill out an online application for alteration of the vehicle. Upload the required documents and pay the requisite fees.

Once approved, a new RC with an endorsed EV kit will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

Delhi’s Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said, “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi will be the first state to launch a faceless service for EV retrofitment for the vehicles. Citizens can soon get their vehicles converted into electric vehicles in the comfort of their homes. In our bid to make Delhi an EV capital, we have been consistently bringing out new interventions and initiatives which can help in the fast adoption of electric vehicles.”