100 charging stations for electric vehicles to be set up in Noida
100 charging stations for electric vehicles to be set up in Noida
Ramesh Kumar
100 charging stations for electric vehicles to be set up in Noida
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra

100 charging stations for electric vehicles to be set up in Noida

To facilitate and encourage use of electric vehicles, Noida Authority in association with the Energy Efficiency Services  Limited (EESL) is going to set up 100 charging stations on the busiest routes of the city.

The move has been taken keeping in the mind the growing need for electric vehicles as it is a potent answer to the ever rising air pollution and a greener future in the city. 

To take the plan to the next level, the Noida Authority and EESL inked an agreement to set up a robust infrastructure for charging the electric vehicles in the city on Thursday. The installations will begin soon.

According to agreement, the venture will invest for setting up as many as 100 public charging stations in Noida. 

Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Noida Authority said, “Installation of such a robust infrastructure will reduce the anxiety among users as they may get their cars or vehicles charged at any of these stations in the city. Further, it will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles here in city areas.” 

“It will also help in reducing local emission of pollutants. The air will be cleaner one, which has several health benefits for public,” she said 
Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director of EESL said, “We are spearheading electric vehicles' adoption in India under the government's e-mobility programmes. EESL believes that ensuring consumer convenience is critical to accelerate e-mobility in India.” 

“Developing a robust supporting infrastructure, therefore, is key to catalyse consumer confidence in EVs. We are delighted to partner with Noida to accelerate the adoption of EVs by developing robust charging infrastructure,” he said.

EESL will make the entire upfront investment on services pertaining to the MoU along with operation and maintenance of public charging infrastructure by qualified manpower. 

The authority would be responsible for provision of space, and help in providing requisite power supply for charging stations. The initiative is estimated to save over 4.04 tonnes of CO2 emission per e-car per year.

Speaking to media, Alok Tandon, chairman of Noida Authority in whose presence the agreement was inked, said, “We are constantly striving to make Noida, a cleaner and greener city. Establishing the public charging infrastructure here in the city will greatly augment these efforts and will spur adoption of electric vehicles among users. With this partnership, we envisage the e-mobility movement to gain traction in the city.”