Kiara-Shahid on Koffee With Karan season 7
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Kiara-Shahid on Koffee With Karan season 7

Kabir Sing was Kiara's big break

Kiara-Shahid on Koffee With Karan season 7

Koffee With Karan 7 is making headlines for its fun episodes and juicy gossip. Thanks to all Bollywood celebs on Karan Johar's famous couch, we see many of our celeb's insides. In the latest episode, Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani grace the show.

If you are unable to catch it, we present all the important highlights-

Kiara and Sidharth are dating!
Karan questioned Kiara about her and Sidharth's relationship in the same way he did with Sidharth in the previous episode. However, both were not confirming their relationship and were putting the question under the rug. But Kiara said they are 'more than good friends'. Kiara was forced to acknowledge her relationship with her Shershaah co-star by Karan, who claimed that hiding your relationship is a thing of the past. She didn't admit or deny having a relationship with him, though.

Actors react on Kabir Singh!
2 years into the film, the lead actors talk about the experience and controversy. Karan mentioned that he liked Kabir Singh, the movie made him cry. But he couldn't say it out loud then because of the controversy the film had created. Some people praised it, but others criticised the type of connection depicted in the movie.

Kiara revealed that 

According to Shahid Kapoor's assessment of the film, his approach is to pick characters for their complexity, and portray life as it is, rather than something as either wrong or right. The thing is that people don't want to see only perfect and nice characters. He mentions movies such as Taxi driver, where the character is messed up but they are still classic films.

Mira gives Shahid's life balance
Shahid opened up about his wife in the episode. The actor revealed that he was 34 when he married Mira, who was only 20. She adds brightness and stability to his life, and he expresses his gratitude that she can understand all sides of him. One is when he is exposed to the glitz and glamour of acting, and the other is when he is at home. Off-camera, Shahid described himself as a homely and spiritual man. Adding to it, Kiara said the star had once told her how fortunate he felt to return home to Mira and his two lovely children.

Shahid is the mascot of KwK
No KWK season is complete without his presence. He has been attending Koffee with Karan past seven years. Every year Karan calls him on the show. In the previous episode, he also called him the mascot. Shahid has always been vocal about and honest about his life facts, whether about his love life or some troubles.

When did Kiara meet Sidharth?
When Kiara first met Sidharth, Kiara made it known that their first encounter had not occurred on the set of their movie 'Shershah'. She told me they had first connected at the wrap-up party of her Netflix production, "Lust Stories," long before they began working on the movie together. Additionally, Karan Johar attended as well. "Sid and I had known one another before we were cast in Shershaah," Kiara claimed. After Karan's intervention, Kiara said, "Yes, during the wrap party of Lust Stories that we stormed."

Shahid on the state of Bollywood today
Shahid gave his opinions on the current status of Bollywood and stated that the movie industry has evolved and that people need to consider the types of movies they want to release in theatres. Except for Kiara, Alia, and Kartik, we have not had a good year, according to Karan. Everyone else has seen a movie that didn't meet their expectations. Sometimes the actions you take have a bigger purpose. Shahid responded, "We can make plans as much as we want. Just go out there, do excellent work, make as many movies as possible, and make as many decisions as possible because you never know how life will turn out, how circumstances will develop, or how the audience's mood will alter."

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