Noida: SDO and his team inspect Sector-51 for electricity related issues
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Noida: SDO and his team inspect Sector-51 for electricity related issues

SDO and his team also held a meeting with the RWA of Sector 52 and discusses several issues

Noida: SDO and his team inspect Sector-51 for electricity related issues

Noida: In the scorching summers, it becomes a challenge to get through even a single day without electricity. However, it is a sad reality for the residents of Sector 51, Noida as the issue of electricity tripping is a persistent one there. The overgrown trees, closely placed electricity poles and other reasons have contributed to this problem. To find a solution for the same, on Saturday, September 3, 2022, the Sub-Divisional Officer and his team from the Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited inspected the area of Sector-51 over recurring issues of frequent tripping, voltage fluctuation, overloading, damaged pillars, and repair of circuit breakers near the transformers.

During the inspection, SDO BK Kashyap, along with his team of Junior Engineer Ram Milan and Lineman Ajay, held a meeting with the RWA of Sector-51. In the meeting, RWA General Secretary Sanjeev Kumar, Joint Secretary Srinivas, along with other members and residents were present in order to brainstorm solutions for all of these issues.

RWA General Secretary, Sector-51, Sanjeev Kumar says, "There have been regular power fluctuations that cause 10 to 12 trippings each day in our sector for a very long period. Also, the area's long-overdue tree pruning is causing power tripping and fluctuations. Additionally, we demand that damaged, rusted poles should be replaced at various locations."

Kumar says that overgrown trees are tangled with the wires which is a reason for the tripping of electricity and demands pruning of these trees. He added that a number of topics were discussed in the meeting, including the pruning of trees, routine inspections of the transformer sites, and the tripping issue.

It was also decided in the meeting that trees will be pruned to resolve the fluctuation issue. The power was to be turned off daily between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm for this purpose. Also, all faulty Air Circuit Breakers installed in the transformer area were directed to be replaced along with cleaning of the transformer area.

Moreover, the poles around the transformer, on which the electrical equipment is installed, were also found to be placed closer to each other than they should be. It was requested in the meeting that such poles be replaced immediately and it was also requested to divide the transmission line into its three phases by placing a wooden bar in the middle of the wires.