Noida MLA Pankaj Singh inspects sectors for water-related issues
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Noida MLA Pankaj Singh inspects sectors for water-related issues

Six new rainy wells will be constructed in the upcoming year

Noida MLA Pankaj Singh inspects sectors for water-related issues

With growing complaints of high TDS in water from all over Delhi NCR, authorities are looking into the problem now. On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Noida MLA Pankaj Singh inspected various areas of Noida to find solutions to water-related issues, such as high TDS and dirty water supply in taps faced by Noida residents.

On the issue, the MLA held a meeting with the officials from Noida Authority ACEO Manvendra Singh, OSD Avinash Tripathi, DGM (Water) RP Singh, Senior Manager Satendra Giri, and also DDRWA President NP Singh on the premises of Sector 65 underground reservoir of Gangajal.

In the meeting, the MLA gave instructions to the officials for cleaning the water pipeline for smooth water distribution, issuing the schedule, repairing or changing the old dilapidated Ganga water main lines, implementing water harvesting in government and institutional big plots, fixing the old rain well as well as building two new rainy wells, and to operate all the borewells properly.

NP Singh, President DDRWA says, "The water condition had worsened after Gangajal supply stopped. We hope that the work would be done within 15 days so that residents can get relief from the water issue as it's the basic necessity of every human being."

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Sachin Goyal, Vice-president of NOFFA and a resident of 7x Society, says, "For the last 15 days, we were not getting Ganga water. The meeting was basically to solve both the aspects, quality, and quantity of the water supply. So, primarily it was discussed that the construction of six new rainy wells in the upcoming year will be done. The societies also face water pressure issues, so flushing of the pipelines will be done after giving a schedule. In two to three days, we will get Ganga water again."

During the inspection, the MLA visited the sector-54-based Sewage treatment plants, 54 MLD (Minimal Liquid Discharge) Plant and 33 MLD (Minimal Liquid Discharge). He also observed the quality of water treated from the Sewage Treatment Plant.