Top bakeries in Delhi to fulfil your sweet cravings!
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Top bakeries in Delhi to fulfil your sweet cravings!

Wenger's is one of Delhi's oldest dessert establishments

Top bakeries in Delhi to fulfil your sweet cravings!

A luxurious supper would fall short of perfection without delectable sweets. Fortunately, Delhi abounds in premium bakeries taking care of party preparations and personal cravings. There is chocolate mousse cake, cheesecake, parfait, tiramisu, and more.

Here, we have narrowed down the top 9 dessert spots in Delhi. Check how many have you tried-

Nik Bakers

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Nik Baker's is one of the top dessert spots in Delhi, setting the standard with its fine handmade chocolates, decadent desserts, and mouthwatering nibbles. The cafe, owned and operated by an Australian baker, develops its unique recipes to give you a memorable culinary experience. This is the place to be if Belgian chocolates hold a soft spot in your heart.

The Big Chill Cakery


Every Delhiite's go-to spot when they think of desserts is The Big Chill Cakery. This is a chirpy, cosy, and cheerful bakery filled with loads of warmth. When you arrive here, their Banoffee Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Irish Tiramisu are unquestionably must-haves!



Theobroma located in various areas in Delhi is true Dessert goals! Their cakes though priced high is worth it. Their baked snacks like croissants and quiches are mouthwatering, their brownies are out of this world, and their chocolate creations are creamy and delectable. We wouldn't leave without trying their range of cupcakes if we were you.

AMA Cafe

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One of the main draws of Majnu-ka-Tilla is the AMA Cafe, which is renowned for its cosy atmosphere, delicious food, and quick service. But their unrivalled dessert menu is something that many guests choose to overlook. Everything in this cafe, including doughnuts, pies, brownies, and cheesecakes, is prepared with care and flavour. For a romantic brunch date with your crush, try this Delhi cafe.


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Wenger's is one of Delhi's oldest dessert establishments. It is where we go for anything from chocolates to cakes (especially their wonderful fruit cake), hot and fresh cookies, delectable milkshakes, and more. This bakery/restaurant is a resounding yes if you're going to Connaught Place. Try the Swiss chocolate roll if you can.


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Your one-way ticket to the best sugar rush is this Delhi dessert spot. The food is flavorful and difficult to refuse, and the décor is opulent and classy. This French bakery is an excellent choice for first dates and chocolate cravings. Their coffee eclair, plain or chocolate mille-feuille, and vanilla macaroons are all highly recommended.


The 159-years-old French patisserie is one of those legacy brands that bring more than just food to the table. And we have this iconic shop at Khan. The cafe ambience is mindblowing; they have the finest chefs for all the delicacies they bake. Visit this bakery for the world-famous macarons.