"Community awareness on crime prevention, need of the hour," says DCP Dwarka
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"Community awareness on crime prevention, need of the hour," says DCP Dwarka

DCP shared tips on prevention against cybercrime, snatching, and burglary

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dwarka M Harshavardhan interacted with the Dwarka community in a Police-public meeting organised at Crescent Apartments sector 18B. During the session, he shared tips on prevention against cybercrime, snatching, and burglary. The participants from various Dwarka residential societies shared suggestions on increasing security.

He said that public participation is a must and helps in preventing crime. He says, "Awareness in the community is the need of the hour. An aware citizen can be more effective in preventing crime. I appeal to all of you to join hands with the police to make the system more effective.”

The meeting was organised by the management of Crescent Apartments in which people from various societies participated. They shared their issues regarding security in the area. Joint secretary of the managing committee, Crescent Apartments, Madhu Dagar raised the concern of less patrolling in the area and lack of safe traffic at the corner of the society near the signal of Sector 17/18/12/13. She also asked to make the society connected with the neighbourhood schemes of the Delhi Police.

Residents, on the occasion, shared points on increasing security. Ramesh Mumukshu, a resident of Studio Apartments Sector 16B, suggested sharing a list of cyber crimes with preventive measures points to each and every society in the area.

After listening to all the issues raised by the people, DCP, Harshavardhan ensured them to do the needful. He directed his officials to look into the matter and work on them with the support of community members. On one of the major concerns over vacant plots near societies and concern for security, DCP assured to increase patrolling in the area.

He made people aware that about 60% of cases of snatching are being solved successfully. He also shared with them how CCTV cameras in peripheral spots in society could help in solving the vases of crime. He advised all societies to install CCTV cameras on the outer periphery.

On the occasion with the DCP, officials from Dwarka Police ACP Madanlal Meena, SHO, Dwarka North Sanjeev Pahva, SHO cyber cell, Jagdish Kumar, in charge of Chowki in the tara Teena Phogat and others were present.

From the management of Crescent Apartments, President Dr Sudeep Kumar, Secretary Gunjan Narula, Vice president NM Dogra, Joint secretary Madhu Dagar and others were present.