GreNo: Residents riles over open drain near Gaur City 2
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GreNo: Residents riles over open drain near Gaur City 2

The residents complain that the drain emits foul smell

GreNo: Residents riles over open drain near Gaur City 2

GreNo: The residents of Greater Noida are riled over an open drain near the Gaur City 2 area. Residents of the nearby societies have complained about the inconveniences caused by the open drain, including foul smell and that it has become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes. They demand immediate action on this issue by the authorities concerned.

This open drain starts from Ghaziabad and makes its way through several residential areas of Greater Noida before falling into the Hindon River. Residents of societies such as Raksha Addela, VVIP Homes, Gaur City2 12/14th Avenues and more have raised the complain about the open drain several times, however, no action has been taken so far. The residents complain that the drain emits foul smell and can be the cause of several diseases.

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Swati Aggarwal, a resident of Gaur City 2 says, "People use the open drain as a dumping site to dispose waste, including plastic waste, which leads to blockage. Authorities, despite numerous complaints, have turned a blind eye to it."

Subhanshu Pandey, another resident of Gaur City 2 says, "It has become difficult for us to open windows for ventilation due to the foul smell as the drain is in close proximity to our society. We have been hearing from different people that the covering of this open drainage is part of the pipeline project from the authorities' end but  haven't heard of any concrete update or timeline for the same."

Another resident, Naman Rawat says, "It is a breeding ground for mosquitos and the cause of multiple health problems for residents 1living nearby. Multiple dengue cases have recently been reported in society. I have raised this complaint with Greater Noida Authority on the Jansunwai portal & Mitra app and hope the authorities will take some action soon."

Naman further informs us that there have been multiple reports and sightings of stray animals such as dogs being trapped in the open drain and that high fences should be built around the drain to prevent stray animals from slipping into it.

He also informs us that they have reported this issue to authorities concerned as well, including the DGM (Health) of Greater Noida Authority, but no solution  has been provided as of yet.

Cityspidey also tried to contact Salil Yadav, DGM (Health), Greater Noida Authority, but couldn't reach him.