Discover Incredible India at national pavilions of IITF
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Discover Incredible India at national pavilions of IITF

State dances are being performed at the various pavilions

Discover Incredible India at national pavilions of IITF

From Kashmir Pashmina to spices from the Kerala pavilion, one can witness nearly 2500 exhibitors at India International Trade Fair from the country and beyond. The National pavilion of the IITF is just like mini India which offers everything from decoration, food, live counters, dry fruits, medicines, jewellery, home decor, organic products, handmade items, bags, footwear, utensils, bedsheets, and clothes. Bringing in handicrafts from the smallest corner of India, the fair is a tribute to our rich heritage. 

With the theme of 'Vocal for Local, Local to Global, the Indian International Trade Fair (IITF) is open for the public from November 19th to 27th. As all the states are participating in this, you will get the different cultures of India under the national pavilion. This year the 'partner states' are Bihar, Jharkhand, and Maharastra, and the focus States in the fair are Uttar Pradesh and Kerala among many others.

As the ground is vast, you will get exhausted if you choose to explore everything. All the states have their departments divided so that you can choose your desired location and head there directly without draining your energy.

In case you're wondering whether to visit, here is why you must check out the national pavilions at the IITF-

Discover regional Culture

IITF is the right place to get a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of India. You can find here art such as Tikuli paintings from Bihar state and traditional weaves from Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, state dances are being performed at the various pavillions showering a complete vibe on your mind.

Get a taste of the best from regional sweets and pickles

If you are a spice enthusiast or an avid cook, you must visit the national pavilions. There were different 'achaars' (Pickles) and sweets that were offered to the public for tasting. In the Uttar Pradesh stall, they offered 'gajak and peda' and different kinds of 'achaars' whereas the Maharashtrian state offered different food items made up of mangoes. Gujrat offered a variety of 'Namkeens' snacks that could be stored.

Home Decor

If you following a particular theme for your home decoration then this is the correct place to shop. You will get all the required items at a reasonable price with good quality products. Do not hesitate in bargaining. You will get bamboo products decoration in the Jharkhand hall, whereas bells and handmade paintings are common in Bihar hall. Some religious photo frames can be found in Uttar Pradesh hall. Moreover, Bengal pavillions offer some antique artful decor.

Indian clothes and ethnic accessories

One of the most important things which attract a huge crowd is clothes. Traditional clothes of the particular states can be found here. You can find here Banarasi Sarees and dupattas from UP. Hand-crafted kurtas and clothes from Bihar and Bengal. Rajasthani Traditional outfit, Kashmiri pherans handcrafted kurtas, and some beautiful Pakistani kurtas from the Vocal for Local hall.

Great place for children to learn

Several state governments have set up stalls educating about the vegetation and the source of income of the particular state. The stall in Jharkhand was set up by the Forest department of the state which was educating about the forest and the things it provides to the public through an interactive quiz session.

Ministry of Railways is showcasing its achievements, and progress with the theme of 'Ayodhya Railway Station' at the IITF pavilion. Displayed here are models of the World's largest Railway Ach bridge, Chenab Bridge, India's first underwater rail system of Kolkota and India's first indigenous semi-high-speed train Vande Bharat.