5 top lehenga patterns for the wedding season
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5 top lehenga patterns for the wedding season

If you love to experiment with your style, you can consider a contrast lehenga on your special day

5 top lehenga patterns for the wedding season

With 100 styles available in the market, one could say that choosing a groom is easier than choosing your wedding lehenga. Your wedding lehenga is probably one of the most important investments in your wedding as it is the one which can make or break your look. Moreover, this is one outfit that you will cherish forever.

Having said that, your wedding lehenga must match your personality and style. It should be according to your style and culture. To help you guide through the vast sea of Indian crafts and embroideries, here are the top 5 styles that you can consider for your big day.

Zardozi Lehengas

This hot piece is an ever-green pattern which enhances the beauty of the special day. Zardozi means the gold work on the Lehengas. This pattern of lehengas gives a traditional look to the bride. It always has a special place in the heart of the brides. The base can be of any colour in these lehengas with different types of work but the gold sewing remains common in each.

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Double Dupatta Lehengas

Double Dupattas are a trendy look in demand. Inspired by many celebrities, double dupatta lehengas are trending. One dupatta draped from one shoulder and tied on your torse and another dupatta falls from your hair and gives the ultimate look of an apsara.

Contrast Lehenga

If you love to experiment with your style, you can consider a contrasting lehenga on your special day. A contrasting blouse with a dupatta matching the Lehengas is a bold and funky choice. You can have a different look by choosing some exciting colours for your dress. Although many of the brides are not seen wearing contrasting lehengas on their wedding day, you can wear these kinds of lehengas at other functions of the wedding.

Floral Sheer print Lehengas

The Lehengas with the bare minimum but gives you an absolute bride look are Floral Sheer Print Lehengas. The warm light tones and the floral print on the lehengas are a perfect look for brides who love the simple yet gorgeous look for their special day.

Multi Colour Lehengas

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If you are a person who loves colours then multi-colour lehengas are your go-to look. Select your favourite patterns and colours and ask your designer to include all those in your special lehenga. It can be a good choice for day weddings, the warm colours will look bright and beautiful in the bright sunlight.