How prepared is NDMC to fight the new variant of Covid-19 BF.7?
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How prepared is NDMC to fight the new variant of Covid-19 BF.7?

Vigilance and caution both are important aspects as prevention is better than cure

How prepared is NDMC to fight the new variant of Covid-19 BF.7?

New Delhi: Taking note of surge in COVID-19 new variant BF.7 trajectory in many countries around the world, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) Vice Chairman Satish Upadhyay has said that it is necessary to check requisite public health measures are put in place to meet any exigencies. The council needs to be prepared for any upcoming threat of a new variant of Covid19 BF.7.

In an exclusive conversation with CitySpidey, Satish Upadhyay said, “I want to ensure that the council has enough stocks of medicines and other items related to COVID19. NDMC has a total 11 surveillance teams to cover the entire NDMC district which includes vaccination, testing, contingency. This surveillance team is fully alert and is currently working with the facility of transport.”

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He further said, “We have six testing centers in the NDMC area, which are fully stocked with RTPCR and RAT kits to deal with any eventuality and requisition for more kits has already been placed.” 

Upadhyay has directed the Medical Team to ensure an adequate stock of PPE Kits, Medicines, testing reagents, Kits. Pulse Oximeter. Oxygen Concentrator and Other Equipment and Consumables needed for a quick response to be maintained. 

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He has also suggested to the testing teams to be ready with a plan to scale up testing in the NDMC area, if required on very short notice SOPs/Contingency plan to be prepared immediately.

He further said that vigilance and caution both are important aspects as prevention is better than cure. “We need to restart, re-examine all preparedness related to COVID appropriate behaviour. It should be seen whether our plants and equipment are working properly or not, what is their capacity and what may be our requirement”, he added.

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Upadhyay further issued the directions to the concerned officers to ensure the compliance of Covid guidelines issued by the Government of India from time to time to curb the spread of new variants of Covid BF.7. 

He said, “I will personally take care of this kind of awareness initiatives in all the NDMC’s hospitals. Everyone should learn that we had to take seriously the danger of the new variant BF.7 and one of the only ways to protect against and combat this deadly contagious disease by taking precautionary measures.”

Upadhyay added, “This fight against Coronavirus can be won only when everyone knows their goal; everyone knows their role. As we are aware the COVID 19 pandemic has led to unprecedented and unanticipated challenges requiring collective action and support from all walks of life.”

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To take stock of the situation and preparedness, Upadhyay visited Charak Palika Hospital, Moti Bagh last evening. He inspected the Oxygen Plant, Pathology Lab, Hematology Lab, Bio-Chemistry Lab, Disaster Management Ward, Isolation Center, Sample Collection Center, Vaccination Center, Emergency Ward, ICU Ward, OPD Block and other areas in Charak Palika Hospital. 

Thereafter, he attended a meeting with the doctors and para-medical staff and said that everything needed to be refreshed. He suggested to re-make or fixing the markings made for social distancing in the hospital and also directed to install proper banners/backdrops/hoardings with the new guidelines issued by the Government of India.

He also suggested distribution of appropriate IEC material to educate the visitor to the hospital. He said that you can keep others safe only when you keep yourself safe. During this meeting Nodal Officer-Covid19 - Dr. Rahul along with the entire covid care team / Emergency Response Team were present which included - Dr. Madan Lal (Medical), Dr. Rupesh (Testing), Dr. Naveen (Monitoring), Dr. Amitabh (vaccination). 

Team COVID19 said that as per the report of last one year, NDMC has been 98% successful in giving 1st and 2nd dose “which is nowhere in the whole of India”. The all-India figure for booster dose is 28% and that of the Council is 36%.The number of tests conducted only in New Delhi district was 10 thousand RTPCR, 15 thousand RAT, total surveillance 10 thousand, total positive cases 4000 and 20 to 24 thousand people traced, “which was the most successful in the number of any district”.