Take extra care of your heart in winters
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Take extra care of your heart in winters

Take 2 cups of caffeine at max per day to avoid unfavourable conditions

Take extra care of your heart in winters

During the weather change our body has to go through a lot. Cold and Cough are normal in winters but the cold wave this year is really hitting hard. If you, or someone you know is a heart patient, then there's a need to take special care.

To understand how the winters affect our health, we talked to Dr Vijay Sharma (42), expert in lifestyle-related diseases and is associated with Madhav Bagh multi-disciplinary cardiac clinic. He says, "Heart attacks and high BP are common problems in the winter season. The cold can cause your blood vessels and coronary arteries to constrict, resulting in elevated levels of blood pressure, restrictive blood flow, and reduced supply of oxygen to the heart, which can eventually lead to a heart attack. And the reason is due to low temperature, our blood vessels and coronary arteries get constricted which results in restrictive blood flow and hence reduces the supply of oxygen to the heart causing a heart attack."

Dr Vijay Sharma

He further says, "Heart attack cases increase in winter. People who already are suffering from heart disease need to be cautious. In a case where a heart patient is not taking his/her medicines on time regularly can suffer from a heart attack again".

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He also shared some lifestyle changes and healthy habits to protect themselves from winter. "Senior citizens and heart patients are at risk, however, people at young age with low immunity can also face problem due to the cold wave. Avoid food which is cold in nature and consume hot water for good results" says Dr Vijay Sharma. Here are some more points advised by the experts to keep in mind for a healthy heart.

Limit your caffeine

In winters, we love to have hot beverages such as coffee and tea very frequently. However, Dr Sharma advised us to take 2 cups of caffeine at max per day to avoid unfavourable conditions.

Go seasonal

Some of the seasonal fruits like amla (Indian gooseberry), turmeric milk or hot vegetable soups are considered best for winter. This will keep you warm and healthy.

Keep yourself warm

Wear proper clothes and cover your body to stay protected from the cold winds. Priorities your health instead of your fashion.


You may have a habit of going for morning walks. Expert says that it is advisable to exercise at home for some time. Exercise is necessary it keeps our body warm and active throughout the day so do not skip the exercise but just change your location for some time.

Keep a track of your health

Take note of symptoms of your health ad to seek medical help whenever you require it. "According to me if you are suffering from a cold for three continuous days then go for a check," says Dr Vijay Sharma.