Learn the power of ‘being representable’ & things will have different outcomes
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Learn the power of ‘being representable’ & things will have different outcomes

As you can take care of yourself, you can do it for other things too…

Learn the power of ‘being representable’ & things will have different outcomes

New Delhi: The most effortless look for going out is sweatpants and old t-shirts with a bun, but is it a good option always? We all love our comfortable clothes and our lethargic behaviour pushes us towards not doing hard work. But do you know that getting ready can bring commendable changes in your life? It makes you confident and less critical of your imperfections and shortcomings. When you will invest time and money in yourself, you will see the change.

As soon as you will learn the power of being representable, things will have different outcomes. It will add to your personality and confidence. Wearing proper clothes according to the occasion, doing your hair and adding eyeliner can really change the game. It will make you look more responsible, sincere and aware of yourself. As you can take care of yourself, you can do it for other things too.

It will make you aware of your body and give you an opportunity to work on it. The perspective of others will change towards you. “Getting ready is very important for everyone as it makes you confident. Every girl is beautiful but they hesitate or are lethargic at times when it comes to self-care. I suggest if you get ready for the day you can achieve anything and face anything. This will also add in your ‘me time’ which is very important as women,” says Ritika Vinay, Mrs Asia Pacific 2014 and a resident of Dwarka sector 18. 

She has given some suggestions which you need to keep in mind while getting ready.

Do your nails regularly. Clean and keep them in shape.

Select your outfit before time to avoid the last-minute hassle. Iron your clothes, if required.

Do your hair as it plays an important role in your look. Make a proper hairstyle or if you are leaving them open, make sure that they don't look freezy.

Using perfume or deodorants is important. You need to smell good as it can mark your presence.

Add jewellery, accessories and nice pair of shoes according to the outfit. This will define your look and become the cherry on the cake.

If you do not have a habit of makeup then just start with the bare minimum like adding mascara or lip colour to your look. Make sure the skin is moisturized well every day.

Here are some contributions to getting ready for your life:

Express your creativity and individuality

When you get ready in the manner you love, you invest time and creativity in that. This shows your creativity. Getting ready also makes you look different and creates a personality in front of the public. It creates your individuality.

Getting ready makes you responsible

When you know you have to get ready before going out you will make a routine of getting up on time. The time you are investing in yourself will be clearly visible to others and this makes you seem responsible.

Expecting the unexpected

Going in T-shirts and sweatpants will not make you representable for any formal meetings. If you invest time in getting ready, you will always be ready for anything in the day and grab the opportunities immediately.

Improves your performance

Getting ready make you feel confident and cope with your imperfections. This definitely improves your performance. You can take active participation in any opportunity around you and you do not have to be councillors about how you look.

Self-esteem booster

In many cases, you may feel like not going out or have bad mood days. Getting ready especially on those days can work like magic. It can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better. It can give you another reason to go out and rock the world.