Introduction of E-scooter in Dwarka can help reduce air pollution, say residents
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Introduction of E-scooter in Dwarka can help reduce air pollution, say residents

These e-scooters will be available for self-driving in public places

Introduction of E-scooter in Dwarka can help reduce air pollution, say residents

Dwarka: For Last-mile connectivity and to make transportation easy, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced a historic move to introduce 1,500 e-scooters. These e-scooters will be available for self-driving in public places. The government has also announced 10 charging and maintenance hubs having an area of 100 sq metres for these e-scooters.

In high-density corridors of the city to help decongest traffic, reduce air pollution and help citizens, these e-scooters will be of great help, says the residents of Dwarka. CitySpidey had a talk with them to know their view about this initiative. The residents agreed that it will be helpful in the last-mile connectivity but they have also highlighted some pros and cons of the services.

It is a great means of transport for the working class and the students who do not have their own vehicles. This service of e-scooters in Dwarka will help the working class to save time and money at the same time. "Incredible idea that e-scooters are being introduced in Dwarka. I was waiting for so long for something like this to happen. For the people who don't have their personal vehicle. The only option is Rickshaw, you cannot travel to multiple locations with a rickshaw,” says Bobby Paswan, Purchase Executive, and a resident of sector 3 Dwarka.

Bobby Paswan

Residents also highlighted the contribution of e-scooters to the life of students. As there are numerous institutes and colleges in Dwraka, travelling becomes costly for students. Everyone cannot afford a cab or a rickshaw all the time. Rajlaxmi Kururp, founder of Dwarka Hello Moms and a resident of sector 22. She says, "It is a good option for the youngsters who are college going and need to travel frequently. Also a good option for the girls, this will make them independent."

Rajlaxmi Kururp

Paramjeet Sethi, a senior citizen from Prabhavi Apartments Sector 10 Dwarka, is also a fitness enthusiast. She says, "E-scooters are a good option for green Dwarka. People here are fitness enthusiasts and loves eco-friendly thing to sustain the environment. E-scooters are absolutely a good option for good connectivity just like in other parts of Delhi. Not only the youngsters but also the senior citizens will be inspired and take benefit from this."

Paramjeet Sethi

Jagriti Pande, a resident of sector 9 Dwarka finds this e-scooter useful to visit the markets of Dwarka. She says, "Cab or private vehicle is not available at all times, this vehicle will be helpful and eco-friendly. Although you must learn to drive a scooter to avail of the service."

Jagriti Pande

In conversation with communications professional, life coach, author and poet, Ankurita Pathak and a resident of Dwarka Delhi, she says, "The proposed plan sounds great, with 1500 e-scooters available at 250 locations in Dwarka. If this takes off, it will solve the connectivity issues to a great extent. It will also help decongest traffic if judiciously planned and used. However, it should be cost-effective and user-friendly for the public. If the project is successful, it will be a sustainable and eco-friendly option for transport. Pollution is at an all-time high in Dwarka. This could be a viable solution to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the pollution."

Ankurita Pathak

Not only the introduction but the good implementation of the idea can really be a solution for this says the residents. "We want the government to spread awareness and teach us about the programme before implementing it. This can be useful only if it is well known to the users, and all the functions must be working properly. This can be really beneficial for the public." says Nalini Sharma, Rtd. teacher and a resident of sector 10, Manbhavan Apartment Dwarka.

Nalini Sharma
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