Dark tales of Dwarka - 23 street light poles non-functional
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Dark tales of Dwarka - 23 street light poles non-functional

Out of 30, only 7 lights partially lit, hidden in trees

Dark tales of Dwarka - 23 street light poles non-functional

Dwarka: On 24 January 2023, CitySpidey reporter was on a round in Sector 5 and found that prominent and busy roads in front of two government schools and in the backside of five societies were in dark around 10pm. It was found that the stretch was mostly in dark from the corner of Sector 5 Mixed Land Use market going towards Kesharwani Apartments Sector 5.

The stretch is in the back side of various societies like DDA SFS flats Sector 5, Vivekanand Apartments, Ganimat Nikunj Apartments, Mansarovar Apartments and Kesharwani Apartments. Also the road passes in front of  two government schools the Central School and a Pratibha Vikas Vidhyalaya.

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There are dense overview trees on the both sides of the road and most of the streetlight piles are hidden in them. They were not working and those working were partially hidden in the trees.

It was found that some of the societies put bulbs on their boundary wall facing towards the road so that some light could be there to keep a watch as security measure. But that too was making a small stretch from the side of Kesharwani Apartments.

The two schools too were having lights but that was not sufficient for the area in front of them to get proper lighting because of dense trees.

Credit: CitySpidey

As residents say, the entire stretch has been in dark for a long time and never properly lit despite a good electrical infrastructure having 30 street light poles.

A social activist and general secretary of Studio Apartments, Sector 16B, Ramesh Mumukshu too found the same stretch in dark several times. He says, “This is a surprise for me that only 7 street lights were working. I suggest BSES, MCD and DDA to conduct joint survey regularly so that all dark spots should be eradicated. No doubts, improvements have been noticed but it requires regular monitoring. 23 out of 30 lights are not working proves ignorance on the part of agencies.”