Community outreach initiatives on top priority: DCP Dwarka M Harshavardhan
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Community outreach initiatives on top priority: DCP Dwarka M Harshavardhan

Says, we’re working to make the system smoother and easier for common public

Community outreach initiatives on top priority: DCP Dwarka M Harshavardhan

Dwarka: Focussed policing and the community outreach initiatives would be the top priority in Dwarka for 2023, said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dwarka M Harshavardhan. He informed how and what the police achieved in 2022 and how the things would go in 2023 for the area. Be it safety, security of the area and hard core policing or welfare initiatives of police and awareness efforts for community - all would be taken on priority basis in 2023.

In a chat with CitySpidey, he shared the achievements of Dwarka Police in 2022 and also plans for 2023. 

What achievements would you like to share to make people aware about 2022 policing in Dwarka? 

Harshavardhan: We worked out almost hundred present cases in shortest period. A total 12,995 cases were worked out in 2022. Apart from that we tried to make the roads and public places safer and for that our drives against open drinking gave a wonderful result. 14,672 challans in 2022 against open drinking is a testimony to that. It helped in checking such practice in the area. We are strictly doing it and the results are positive. Apart from that we caught 437 foreigners living in the area illegally.

What other initiatives you’re taking to make the system more effective and powerful as far as policing is concerned? 

Harshavardhan: We are much focussed on aggressive monitoring and that is very helpful in preventing crime, catching criminals and stopping street crimes as well. For that we have made an initiative to install ANPR cameras in the area strategically. Those cameras work in tracing details from number plates of the vehicles and that is very helpful.  This is new thing we have introduced in the area and a total 49 such cameras have been installed and the number would be more soon. 

On the other hand barricading, patrolling on roads have been made more effective. Our police personnel are visiting the neighbourhood parks on daily basis interacting with the community people and checking the dubious elements. This is being done round the clock.

Dark stretches have been a subject of concern for community and policing both. What do you want to say on that?

Harshavardhan: Definitely the dark stretches are a big concern and that must be taken seriously by the concerned civic bodies. Such stretches are about 140 in the area and we have written letters to the concerned civic bodies. Properly lit roads would definitely help in effective policing so the civic bodies must take it on priority and do the needful.

What do you want to say about community connect from the police?

Harshavardhan: Definitely, we are there for community and getting closer to community helps the system. We are working on several initiatives and all those community outreach intiatives are successful. We are actively promoting Prahari scheme in which the society guards do patrolling with beat officers. We are promoting neighbourhood watch schemes and in 2023 the number will be increased. We are working with RWAs in promoting cyber awareness and our awareness claims are going on across the city with the societies.

We are working to make the system smoother and easier for common public to interact with police and share their issues. To make it more effective our senior citizen outreach program is very helpful. We do celebrate their birthday reading their place, we do provide them medicines and other such helps when the need. 

Besides, we are meeting community people from beat level to DCP level at their place organising police public meet etc and that is bringing community closer to policing and is helpful in making system more effective. To encourage people participation and  public-police cooperation we are rewarding those people who assisted police in various cases. We rewarded 20 public persons with cash rewards last year for their role in assisting.

What is your message to the community of Dwarka?

Harshavardhan: As DCP, I would like to say that you are always welcome to share your plights and happiness to us. We are there to protect your rights. Be aware and make others aware. Wherever you need us, we are there for you.