Warding off Examophobia: When wards make to adopt ‘congenial lifestyle'...
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Warding off Examophobia: When wards make to adopt ‘congenial lifestyle'...

It is time for the examinations for primary and secondary school children

Warding off Examophobia: When wards make to adopt ‘congenial lifestyle'...

Dwarka: So that kids can focus on their studies, parents take away all the gadgets from their children and restrict their outdoor activities. At a time when the exams are knocking at the door, students have so many assignments to complete in very less time A busy schedule of tuition, school and now the traditional form of the exam after a two-year gap is taking a toll on their mental health. Stress which we know as ‘Exam Fever’ is very common at this time.

It is time for the exams for primary and secondary school children who will be appearing for their traditional form of the exam this year. The lifestyle which these tiny tots have made us adopt, will it be easy to adopt the traditional exam form easily?

In a conversation with the parents in Dwarka, CitySpidey got to know about some common problems students are facing this year. “During the past two years, students have become lethargic and exposed to screen time for long hours. This has exhausted the energy of young minds and diverted their concentrations on many other things,” says Sikha Chugh, a teacher in a private school and a resident of sector 17.

Parents share about peer pressure and how their children are facing issues in sitting for long hours to study and concentrate. “The competition is growing day by day. This is the reason that peer pressure has increased. Children nowadays are under peer pressure and they have to go through a lot of stress,” says Shikha Mittal, a resident of Chitrakoot Dham Apartment, Sector 19.

Parents also complain about how the habit of writing and learning has decreased. Richa Garg, a resident of Dakhinayan Apartment sector 4 says, “As the online education and exams were absolutely different, this time it will take some time for the students of all ages to adjust back in the system. MCQ and quick verbal communication was the form online which has influenced their learning and writing practice.”

Deepa Mehra who is a Yoga teacher is a mom to two. She has closely observed her children who are in the 10th standard (Anukreeti Mehra) and 7th standard (Loveyansh Mehra). In a conversation with CitySpidey, she shares, “I have closely observed the behaviour of my children and found out some solutions to it. Children are facing the issues of peer pressure, an unbalanced diet, they get distracted easily, sleep disorders, anger issues and addiction to gadgets. They cannot sit and write, and have developed a habit of procrastination.”

To find out the solution to these problems she figured out a way that she want to share with us. Deepa says, “Apparently, I took out the solution to these problems. Therefore, I set some rules in my house like getup early morning and early to bed so that they can get proper sleep then 20 to 40 minutes of a morning workout and a nature walk so that they can take enough oxygen flow in their body, no packed food, as well as processed food.”

Deepa Mehra with her family
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“During exam preparation I told her to play OM on Alexa…through this she can make full attention to her studies. I give them only fresh fruits and milk so that they can sit for long hours for studies I fill my kitchen and fridge with healthy and nutritious foods so whenever my kids feel hungry they can consume only healthy things because in exam time kids feel more hungry. I also confiscated all gadgets like laptops, mobile, iPad, etc from them.” Apart from this, she advises all the kids to stay happy, drink water, sleep properly, eat good food and meditate.