Saras Mela delights visitors with handicrafts, food and activities
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Saras Mela delights visitors with handicrafts, food and activities

Saras Aajeevika Mela 2023 has been organized in Noida to showcase a plethora of cultural activities

Saras Mela delights visitors with handicrafts, food and activities

SARAS Aajeevika Mela 2023 has been organised in Noida and is mesmerizing visitors with its cultural activities. The Mela, which was inaugurated by Union Minister Giriraj Singh, kicked off on February 17 at Nodia Haat and will continue till March 05 every day from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. 

One can explore artistic hand looms, wood carvings, pottery, jewellery, paintings, block prints and much more at this Mela! Each state represents its unique products and fascinating details related to them.
Besides, arts and crafts, there are also booths with homemade foods such as samosas, momos, and sweets from different states that make for great snacks.

Sara's Mela 2023 is a great place to learn about Indian culture, cuisine and artistry. Stroll the grounds and be amazed by the myriad hues and textures.

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Explore different states, each offering its unique handicrafts, from jewellery and fabrics to homemade treats. The main attraction is the arts and crafts displayed each year by people from different states and communities. 

This year, Saras Mela 2023 will feature more than 300 rural artisans and their handicrafts from different cultures, a food court with dishes from all over the country and more than 85 cultural performances. 

Venue and entry fees for Noida Saras Mela 2023

To reach Saras Mela one needs to drive to Noida Haat, located in Sector 33A near Noida City Centre. Entry and parking are free. You only need to spend money at the stalls where you want to shop. 

What are the stalls at the festival?

Saras Mela 2023 in Noida Haat hosts several rural women artisans who display their artwork and handicrafts. There are designated areas for different states where handicrafts, including clothes, shoes and accessories are displayed in full view.