'No more cash withdrawal limit in 2017, please!'
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'No more cash withdrawal limit in 2017, please!'

Quite a unique demand for a New Year gift to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but residents say this would be the best New Year if he agrees.

'No more cash withdrawal limit in 2017, please!'

Residents of Noida want a New Year gift from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They want to request him to remove the cash-withdrawal limit from banks, so they can withdraw their hard-earned money without any restrictions. If the PM can grant them that, it will be the best New Year they will ever have, they say. 

Residents say it has been a rough two months after the currency ban on November 8. Rajeev Singh, a resident of Sector 50, tells City Spidey, "The PM appealed to us to support the demonetisation, asking us to bear with its troubles for 50 days — and we did. But now those 50 days are over. It's time to remove restrictions on cash withdrawals. The government can no longer deprive people of their legitimate money saved in banks." 

Praveen Pandey, a resident of Sector 27, says that he lives in a rented house with his wife and two children. "There are many payments to be made, especially at the start of the month. There's the house rent, the tuition fee, school bus fees and daily groceries and expenses. Rs 4,500 will not be enough to meet all of it. And withdrawing cash repeatedly is not an option, since most ATMs are out of money all the time," he says. 

"Vendors are still not accepting cards, as they are not equipped with swipe machines," he adds.

Sweta Singh, a resident of Supertech Capetown in Sector 74, is hoping the PM gives them some good news on New Year's Eve, so they might forget all the hardships of demonetisation and ring in the New Year with all the joys it deserves.