Noida’s Regenta Central Hotel Elevator Crashes, 9 injured
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Noida’s Regenta Central Hotel Elevator Crashes, 9 injured

Out of 9 victims, 3 were very seriously injured and suffered bone fracture

Noida’s Regenta Central Hotel Elevator Crashes, 9 injured

Noida: Elevators malfunctioning incidents seem to be on a rise. A few days ago, a family got stuck for hours in a Greater Noida society and now nine people got injured on Friday after an elevator at Regenta Central Hotel in Sector 49 Noida malfunctioned.

It was reported that the elevator malfunctioned and fell free from the 3rd floor to the ground while nine people were inside it.

Out of nine, three got seriously injured with injuries like bone fracture.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Shakti Avasthy said, “It appears that the incident took place because of the overload.”

He further added that the elevator had a capacity of four to five people but nine people boarded it. “Those victims who received severe injuries were hospitalised in the nearest hospital and we are further investing the case,” he adds. 

ADC (Noida):  Shakti Avasthy

Kavita one of the victims said that she boarded the elevator on the first floor, and it started to move upwards but suddenly at 3rd-floor it fell on the ground floor. She got wounds on her keen and ankle.

Sanjeev Kumar senior vice president of DDRWA told us that it was an unfortunate incident. These hotels had not taken safety norms seriously and as a result, incidents like this happen regularly. 

To prevent such incidents, there must be the maintenance of elevators from time to time. It is also very important to have an elevator safety policy and that must be implemented in GautamBudh Nagar.