How to keep your gadgets cool this summer
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How to keep your gadgets cool this summer

Long-term exposure of gadgets to the sun can lead to overheating

How to keep your gadgets cool this summer

Summers are here and the continuous rise in temperature can also harm gadgets. Electronic gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and earphones, if left carelessly in dust and heat, can become defunct before time. Here are some tips to keep your gadgets cool during summer-

Keep your gadgets away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can lead to overheating, which may harm the internal parts of the gadget. Avoid exposing your gadgets to direct sunlight for extended periods, as this can raise the temperature of the gadget and even melt some internal wires.

Get a laptop cooling stand

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Invest in a laptop cooling stand to help keep your laptop cool, especially when working outside or in warm surroundings. The fans inside the stand assist in cooling the laptop by steering air upwards.

Give your gadgets breathing space

Keep your gadgets outside your pockets as much as possible, especially if you spend most of your time in a humid and hot environment. Remove your mobile phone from its case and place it on a table at home or in the workplace to allow proper ventilation.

Don’t charge your gadgets outdoors

Charging any device increases its temperature, and if done outdoors, the ambient warmth may add to the heat, leading to overheating.

Don’t leave your phone in the car

Leaving your phone in a parked car under direct sunlight can damage it due to excessive heat. Avoid leaving your phone or any other gadget in the car.

Don’t put your gadgets in the freezer

Placing your gadgets inside the refrigerator can harm their components as the water and moisture present in the freezer can enter the device.

Keep your gadgets in a cool and shaded place

Keep your gadgets in a cool, sheltered, and tidy environment where there is no dust and heat. If possible, place them in an air-conditioned room to prevent overheating.