A decent answer to nature's call
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A decent answer to nature's call

Security guards at Sector 14, Noida, are overjoyed that the RWA has addressed a pressing need. They can now give the main boundary wall a miss and freely use the Sulabh public toilets right outside the sector's main gate. Phew!

A decent answer to nature's call

People walking along the Sector 14 boundary wall with their faces covered was a common sight till recently. 

With no proper place to answer nature's call, and at the risk of being absent from their posts too often, the security guards had been relieving themselves on the sector boundary wall.

The RWA, in an agreement with Sulabh International, has now made the paid public toilets near the main gate available for use to security guards. The RWA will pay Sulabh Rs 1,800 every month for the service.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sakhi Sasiprabhu, President of the Sector 14 RWA, said, “Residents had long been complaining about the stink along the boundary wall. The agreement with Sulabh will take care of both the residents' and the guards' problems.”

Ramesh, a security guard, told City Spidey he was thankful to the RWA for this step. 

Seeking a long-term solution, the RWA is also in talks with Noida Authority for the construction of toilets inside the sector for guards, drivers and domestic helps.