Noida Authority experiments with eco-friendly garbage collection centres

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jan 21, 2017

In an effort to make Noida green and clean, Noida Authority has taken the initiative to set up eco-friendly garbage collection centres in the city. 

As a pilot, one such garbage-collection centre has been set up in Sector 34. Garbage dumped in these odour-free centres will not be visible to passers-by and will be covered with a cloth to prevent stray animals from accessing the trash. 

Solar panels have been installed to conserve energy and provide electricity to the centre even at night. Garbage will be lifted from here and sent to the central dump site in Greater Noida in closed vans.

CEO of Noida Authority, Deepak Agarwal, said that if this model was successful, it would be replicated across Noida. He added that this garbage-collection centre was made ready in just a month, at a nominal expense of Rs 2 lakh. 

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