I’puram: Where kindness is the new compulsion
I’puram: Where kindness is the new compulsion
Abid Hussain Barlaskar
I’puram: Where kindness is the new compulsion Shipra Sun City's Neki ki Deewar
Photo: Abid Hussain Barlaskar

I’puram: Where kindness is the new compulsion

Neki ki Deewar, better known as the Wall of kindness, is fast becoming a trend among residential societies of Indirapuram. Gaur Green City set up the first wall, followed by Parasvnath Majestic Floors, and now, Shipra Sun City has joined the fray.

Although RWAs have not involved themselves directly, they've lent their support to the cause. The activities and donations are being managed by local groups, such as small NGOs and in-house resident groups.

In Gaur Green City, the wall was started by Helping Others, a group of residents involved in philanthropic work, such as offering free treatment for maids and security guards. In Parvnath Majestic Floors, it was started by residents who were members of Lioness Club Indirapuram.  

Similarly, in Shipra Sun City, work began last week at the initiative of Sai Miles of Smiles or SMS, an NGO comprising Shipra residents.

Members of SMS say the wall is an attempt to help people who do not have the means to buy new clothes or other items. It has been set up at the society’s Shiv Mandir. Arunima Singhal, chairman of the NGO, told City Spidey, “The wall has been set up at the temple to draw maximum attention. Residents of several other societies also come here to offer puja. We plan to set more such walls in other locations.”

The wall, of course, has been a huge hit with people who need the stuff. Samar Das, a rickshaw-puller, told City Spidey, “I was informed of one such wall by my wife Rekha. She works as a maid in one of the societies. The things were gone even before I could reach the spot.”

Prakash Kumar, another rickshaw-puller, said he had picked up a jacket along and a saree from the Gaur Green City wall. He added, “The items seemed almost new. I noticed the wall while dropping off passengers and was reluctant to go, but joined in once I saw others picking stuff from there.”

On asking Singhal how long the wall would continue, she replied, “Till SMS wishes. But we do feel pretty encouraged, as there have been regular donations from unknown people.”