The one thing DLF-5 Magnolias has that your society doesn't

Photo: Anjoo Dalal
Posted: Apr 18, 2017

The DLF-5 Magnolias, a 26-acre condominium on Golf Course Road, Sector 42, Gurgaon, has set up an eco-friendly waste management system to reduce dependence on the waste treatment plant at Bandhwari.

To ensure seamless implementation, all new occupants and maids undergo an orientation programme to introduce them to the society's waste management system.  

"Household waste comprises 70 per cent of the total waste produced in the society," said Aakash Ohri, senior executive director, business development, DLF-5. " It includes kitchen waste, newspapers, glass, plastic bottles and recyclable waste. The society has three different bins — one for organic waste, one for plastic and paper, and one for metal and glass. Kitchen waste is segregated and processed with sawdust before being converted to manure, which is used to nourish gardens and greens."

Residents can also acquire the manure produced by the system free of cost for indoor plants.  

The system, which cost the developer Rs 17 lakh and several months to set up, was conceptualised during the construction stage and was part of the building's project plan. 

“We are trying to spread awareness about converting a society's waste into compost both inside and outside the society," said Ohri. "We are proud of the waste management system we have here. It is truly world-class.”

The plant treats 450 kg to 900 kg of waste a day. The condominium generates close to 350 kg of organic waste. 

The condominium has a large walk-in refrigerator to store and maintain garbage at 0ºC-5ºC, and a system to dry and drain out the "leachate" liquids.

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