Yes, it rained. And Dwarka's roads are proof
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Yes, it rained. And Dwarka's roads are proof

It’s a rerun of the same horrors — bad roads, potholes! And DDA, as is custom, continues to look the other way.

Yes, it rained. And Dwarka's roads are proof

Come rains, and Dwarka’s damaged roads become unfit for commuting. The potholes are filled with water, which are often not visible to commuters. The patch-work repairs by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) are hardly enough to keep the roads free from damage for a long time.

The slip road and service road near the signal in front of Peepal Apartments in Sector 17 is a case in point. Commuters going towards sectors 2, 8, 11, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22 and 23 through Road No 5 have to avoid the slip road. Instead, they have to use a turn from the signal, violating traffic rules.

A resident of Peepal Apartments, Vikas Kumar, said, "The slip road is not commutable at all. There are big potholes filled with water. It’s clear how casual DDA is in its approach towards this issue. This road has been damaged for more than six months now. It is so dangerous that commuters are not even using it."

At the corner of Metro View Apartments in Sector 13, a big patch of the main road is in a damaged state. The surface was repaired by the Authority about a couple of weeks back, but it’s been damaged again.

A portion of the road near the signal of sectors 12 and 4 towards Ashirwad Chowk, too, is in bad shape. There is a big pothole in the middle of the slip road at Ashirwad Chowk. Potholes can be seen in the middle of the masterplan road at the signal of sectors 8 and 9.

The service lanes, just in front of the societies, are in equally bad shape. The roads were dug up, but not restored afterwards.

President of Sri Hari Apartments in Sector 12, NC Mishra, said, "This is negligence on the part of the Authority. The roads must be repaired as soon as possible. If they can't repair them at this time, they should, at least, fill all the potholes properly."

On the subject, a DDA official said temporary repairs were being carried out and potholes filled.