Dwarka: Self help is the best help
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Dwarka: Self help is the best help

Tired of apathy and indifference of DDA to the recurring potholes on service roads in Sector 23, an NGO – Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi – took the initiative and began filling potholes on its own.

Dwarka: Self help is the best help

What does one do if civic authorities continue to turn a blind eye to problems of citizens? Of course, the norm is to crib and crib. But it does not solve the problem. Which is why an NGO comprising residents of Dwarka, Sector 23, took the matter into their hands and filled up potholes in their colony.

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS) members congregate daily in the parks in the morning. They used to discuss the apathy and indifference of DDA to the problems faced by the residents. The NGO decided to something about the callous and inefficient attitude of the DDA officials. Thus was born an initiative to fill potholes that appear from rain. On Sunday, SDKS members congregated in the park and then went about filling potholes on the roads in Sector 23.

President of Dwarka Forum, Rejimon CK, led the residents in repair work and shared videos of the filling work by the residents with City Spidey.



SDKS secretary and a resident of New Kanchanjunga Apartments Sector 23, DC Mathur said, “About 15 days back, Parminder Khetrapal, joint secretary of SDKS raised the issue of pothole in service lanes of sectors 22 and 23 resulting in damaging cars. Repeated pleas to DDA fell on deaf ears. Which is when it was decided to carry out the repair work themselves. Khetrapal was alone when he started filling up potholes, all by himself. He collected concrete, bricks, rocks, and sand from a nearby dumping ground early in the morning and began filling up potholes. Soon more members joined him.

Others who joined included Vijay Khurana, a resident of New Millennium CGHS in Sector 23, and VB Bhardwaj a resident of Maharani Avanti Bai in Sector 22. “For the past three days, Khetrapal was filling pits at the traffic signal of Sector 23. But today we all joined him. Our president, Shashi Kapoor, myself and others like  ML Luthra, AK Nayyar and Rejimon CK all joined hands together to do this work,” Mathur said.

President of Dwarka Forum, who was also present on the spot, slammed DDA about its approach towards repairing of roads. He shot a video of the activity and explained the activity in the video that he shared with City Spidey.