Your building may be playing a role in vector-borne diseases
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Your building may be playing a role in vector-borne diseases

A report compiled from the findings of seven special anti-malaria teams in Delhi state that 13,811 buildings out of 43,11, 893 are conducive to mosquito breeding. Government buildings, schools and high-rises are part of the list.

Your building may be playing a role in vector-borne diseases

The monsoons have almost become synonymous with vector-borne diseases. And every year residents of Delhi blame civic authorities for negligence, leading to outbreaks of dengue, chikungunya and malaria. However, if the reports of the special anti-malaria teams constituted by Delhi Municipal Corporation are to be believed, people are equally responsible for the spread of vector-borne diseases.

A report by East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) claims that seven special anti-mosquito teams have inspected 43,11,893 buildings in the past month alone. According to the report, as many as 13,811 buildings are conducive to mosquito breeding. Government buildings, schools and high-rise apartments are also included in the list.

The report said that in the past month, EDMC issued notices to 15,364 households for their negligence on anti-mosquito breeding measures. Incidentally, South Delhi tops the list of defaulter buildings, with the number at 40,173; and North Delhi at 26,427.

In July, 71 cases of dengue were reported in Delhi, and two patients died of the disease. Last year the dengue death toll had stood at 21. Girish Singh, a senior municipal officer in the health department, said, “The number so far can increase, as private hospitals and nursing homes are yet to submit their reports to the government.”

Till July 31, 230 malaria cases were registered across a dozen government-run hospitals and mohalla clinics, out of which 60 cases were reported in the past one week alone. In the same period, 150 chikungunya cases were registered.

This action report of the three municipal corporations (North, East and South) has been the outcome of a monthlong anti-mosquito drive that was launched in the first week of June on a Delhi High Court directive. EDMC had formed seven special anti-mosquito teams, and each team was supervised by the area municipal councillor.