For a home that was never to be...
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For a home that was never to be...

32-year-old cancer patient Yogesh Singh, a buyer in Amrapali Dream Valley, passed away on November 22 fighting for his dream home.

For a home that was never to be...

When Yogesh Singh bought a flat in Amrapali Dream Valley in Noida Extension in 2010, his heart was full of hope. But little could he know what ensued in the years to come.

Nobody could.

At 32, after a prolonged battle with cancer, he passed away on November 22, fighting for his dream — his home. He is survived by wife and his eight-year-old son. Singh and his family were living in a rented accommodation in Sector 11, where he took his last breath.

Yogesh worked for a private company in Sector 62, on a monthly salary around Rs 55,000, and he had invested his life’s hard-earned money into a home that he was never to have.

His death strikes a cold blow to other homebuyers waiting for their homes. And the social media is reacting strongly to his demise.

In the words of a family member, “Had the builder returned his money, he could have had better treatment. What happened was extremely wrong.”  

When all homebuyers of various projects of Amrapali projects in GB Nagar sat on a protest outside the Amrapali office in Sector 62, Yogesh also participated.

The protests continued for 45 days.

Kavita, Yogesh’ wife, said builder had promised to deliver the flat within three years’ time. “My husband took a loan of Rs 10 lakh to pay the builder, and the down payment was made from our savings. Like other buyers, we requested Amrapali officials to return our money several times, but nothing happened,” said the grieving wife.

In August she sat alongside with his husband at the protests.

“I have left nothing — neither money, nor husband. But I will fight for as long as I can,” muttered Kavita in a voice drowned in anguish.


Yogesh Singh with his family during happier times