Street lights yes, but where is the light?
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Street lights yes, but where is the light?

Almost 75 per cent of Noida's sector 30 street lights are non-functional, causing the area to plummet into darkness after dusk.

Street lights yes, but where is the light?

Most of Sector 30, Noida, plummets into darkness after dusk, as almost 75 per cent of the area's street lights have been non-functional since a month. Residents are wary of stepping out of their homes in the evenings.

The street lights on the service lane running along plot numbers D 22 to D 29 have not been working since a month. The street lights in front of plots A 43 to A 51, A 24 to A 33, B 9 to B16, and C 12 to C 23 have recently stopped working as well. And these are only some of the areas where the problem lies.  

Members of the RWA said that there are around 200 street lights in their sector, of which only 50 are working at present, most of which are in any case hidden behind overgrown tree branches. As a result, there is hardly any light on the roads.

Sangeeta Pathak, a resident of the sector, told City Spidey that the street lights often develop faults just within a week of being repaired.

Sarvesh Kumar, another resident of the sector, said that in the absence of adequate street lights residents are left with no option but to instal CFL bulbs outside their homes.

The RWA has written several letters to Noida Authority but no action has yet been taken.

"Whenever we reached out to SC Mishra, project engineer of Noida Authority, he would say that they are out of equipment to fix the lights," said Pramod Verma, president of Sector 30 RWA. 

City Spidey took up the matter with Mishra. He admitted that some of the street-light equipment are out of stock. "We should have it by next week. We will carry out the repair job as soon as we have the equipment," said Mishra.